Best Silver Polish for Flatware

To some people, cleaning silver pieces sounds like a hard and challenging task but in reality, the task is not just environmentally friendly but also quite easy, to the point that it can be done at home without the need for special trips to the store.

If you are considering a silver plated item which has lost its lustrous look, you may check our article “How to Restore Silver Plated Items“.

Furthermore, it can be a hand-off, meaning that it can be done while carrying out other household chores, although a little elbow greasing will be required to you complete the process.

Getting the desired result is highly determined by the kind of silver polish that you use for your flatware.

To aid in selecting the best silver polish, here is a review of the top products on the market.


Weiman Silver polish

Weiman Silver Polish has a non-scratch formula that takes the tarnish away and protects your silver items.
Weisman Silver Polish will help you keep your silver jewelry and silverware shiny for a longer time.
The application of Weisman Silver Polish is no rocket science: you can do it with ease the first time.

1. Rub polish directly on your silver jewelry or silverware using a soft cloth.
2. Disperse with a clean, soft cloth for a brilliant shine.



Weiman Silver Polish is an easy-to-use tarnish removed for silver while leaving behind a protective coating which prevents tarnish from developing as quickly.

Please be advised that for jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, it is recommended using Weiman Jewelry Cleaner because of its milder formula.

Please do not forget to wash any surface with hot soapy water before letting it come in contact with food.

Users of this Weiman Silver Polish do share that it is one of the best in the market. They confess that it has helped remove the most stubborn silver tarnish and restored their pieces to their original color.
Weiman Silver Polish ranks highly for its effectiveness and efficiency in getting rid of tarnish from your silver belongings and extending their shine.


Connoisseurs Silver Jewelery Cleaner

Connoisseur Silver Jewelry Cleaner is specifically designed for application on sterling silver items. It is not produced for the intention of using on precious and semi-precious gemstones, painted/antiqued pieces or any other metal.

The usage of Connoisseur Silver Jewelry Cleaner is extremely simple: just dip your sterling silver jewelry or silverware in the container for 10 seconds and then rinse it.

Connoisseur Silver Jewelry Cleaner offers a fast and convenient way to clean sterling silver jewelry.


Hagerty Flatware Silver polish

With an affordable price tag, this silver polish comes in a cylindrical canister which has an inside basket for fetching the items from the cleaning agent.

The flatware is dropped into a container then removed using the interior basket.The solution has to be poured over a bowl when you are handling the larger pieces.

The silver should be left in the solution for at least ten seconds and then promptly removed, rinsed and dried using a piece of cloth.

However, one has to pay attention so that all the tarnish is removed, which will involve following the instructions carefully if you are to avoid the unpleasant smell as well a cloudy and yellowish tint being left on the silver pieces.


Hammacher Schlemmer

Depending on the amount required, this polish comes with metal plate, which measures eight by five inches and an activator powder. If more is required, one will be required to buy a larger kit.

The cleaning process involved washing the silver pieces using soapy and hot water. The pieces should be laid in the kitchen sink and boiling water poured over the top.

One will be required to add a tablespoon of the activator, which will turn the water misty.

Sometimes it can be hard to maneuver the pieces, mainly due to the foggy and scorching water. It is recommended that after a period of thirty minutes, the silver pieces should be removed and rinsed before drying. This polish is recommended for those who have a lot of pieces to work on. It is the fastest with tasks of volume.

Goddard’s Silver Polish Foam

Goddard’s Silver Polish Foam is an effective and affordable polish.

It is a tub of reddish cleaning product, which is described as putty-like. It comes with a sponge which is used for the application of the polish.

The polishing process starts with wetting the applicator and rubbing the foam on the flatware then working it until it produces a lather.

When the applicator blackens, rinse and wring it out and continue through the process.

The pieces of silver should be worked on for some time then rinsed and dried. The applicator works very well; it will leave no damage to the flatware nor will you ruin the towels used during the process.

The silver pieces will be left clean and improvement will be visible in the first few minutes into the polishing process. If you are looking for a tub that will last for a lengthy, time, then this polish is ideal for your flatware.

If you are planning to polish your flatware and give them a prolonged life, you have to look for a product that not only gives effective results but one that will leave you unharmed as well as no dents in your wallet.

The above silver polishes for flatware are some of the best in the market, their use guarantees long life for your silver pieces, and a clean environment as well as great savings.

Always make sure you are absolutely certain that you will achieve your desired result before going all in any method and using a specific silver polish.

Before ending, do not forget that constant research is encouraged as more and more efficient and cost effective products come up every now and then.