Rose gold wedding rings

What are the Differences between 10k vs 14k vs 18k Rose Gold?

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Rose gold wedding rings

If you want a rose gold wedding ring, you must decide on the gem, size, design and of course the karat.

10k vs 14k vs 18k rose gold: Bigger karat values mean greater gold percentage and lower added metals.

While you may think that the higher the gold percentage, the better it is, think again.

Pure gold is too soft for jewelry, thus alloys have to be used.

It is thanks to the extra copper and other metals, that we can carry gold rings.

Rose gold’s color comes from this added copper.

This addition also increases hardness and durability making it a good for jewelry.


What is rose gold?

Gold is a precious metal used as jewelry for centuries.

However, in its pure form, it is unsuitable for jewelry because it is too soft.

Had we used 100% pure gold in rings and bracelets, they would easily get scratched.

They might even get damaged and completely take a lose their initial design.

This is why we use alloys of gold with other metals.

One of these alloys is rose gold.

Rose gold is a gold alloy with copper.

Copper hardens the metal making it fine jewelry material.

It is also responsible for the rose-pink-red color of the alloy.

The richer in copper, the stronger gets the rose color and approaches to red.

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What is karat?

Karat is the unit used to denote the purity of gold coins, bullion and jewelry.

1 karat represents 1-in-24 parts gold in the alloy.

Pure gold, which is 100% pure, is 24 Karat.

18-Karat gold has 75% gold in its alloy.

For more information on gold, you can check the post named “Yellow Gold vs White Gold vs Rose Gold.”

In that post you can find more information on gold alloys and the Karat system.

From the various karats, 10K, 14K and 18K rose gold alloys are popular.

They are widely used in rose gold rings, earrings and necklaces.

You can easily find jewelry at these karats in every store.

10K vs 14K vs 18K rose gold: which one is better?

Karat Stamp Gold parts Percentage Hardness Color Price
 10 Karat  10K  10 / 24  41,7  +++  +++  +
 14 Karat  14K  14 / 24  58,3  ++  ++  ++
 18 Karat  18K  18 / 24  75  +  +  +++

The plus(+) signs in the table are used for illustrating the changes in hardness, color and price levels. They do not show a ratio relation in any terms.

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10K rose gold has a stronger reddish rose color than 14K rose gold

The rose color of rose gold jewelry comes from the copper in the alloy.

The richer it is in copper, the closer the color gets to red.

Colorwise, you should take into account your skin color and consider your gemstone.

Light rose colors pop out on even light skins.

In this case you may go with, a 18K rose gold ring, choosing the richest in gold.

On the other hand, if your skin is on the darker side, a 10K ring could be better.

Not every gemstone is made in the lab like moisssanite.

The stone’s color and tint may vary heavily between stones of different dimensions and types.

For example, you may want to combine a moissanite with palladium or white gold with silvery shine.

On the other side, if you prefer a pink morganite ring, you may choose a rose gold base with appropriate color.

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10K rose gold ring is harder than 14K, and 18K rose gold rings

Gold is a soft metal.

Thanks to copper in the rose gold alloy, it becomes a more durable metal.

Now we have a good jewelry metal.

It is hard and durable, just like it should be.

Two of the frequently asked questions about rose gold are

  • Does 14k rose gold tarnish?
  • Does Rose Gold scratch easily?

Rose gold does not tarnish, but it may accumulate epidermic lipids, dirt and dust which takes away its shine.

Rose gold is a durable metal.

Its hardness increase with the percentage of copper in the alloy.

Thus 10K rose gold will be more scratch-resistant than 14K, which in turn will be more resistant than 18K rose gold ring.

Prices do vary

Many factors affect price.

Supply and demand, design, brand but taking everything equal, as gold is a more expensive metal than copper,

Thus the higher the gold percentage the bigger the price will be.

This means a 18K rose gold ring will cost more than its 14K version.


To end with, there is no doubt rose gold is a good choice for your next jewelry.

It is a popular choice for engagement rings.

It is a precious and durable metal, ideal for jewelry.

It is resistant to scratches and will serve you many years.

The most common karats are 10K, 14K and 18K rose gold.

18K rose gold is the richest in gold between these three variations.

While 10K and 14K rose gold have less gold, they are more durable and scratch resistant than 18K pieces.

Where to buy rose gold jewelry?

You can check designs and prices of rose gold jewelry on Amazon.