mother's day gift ideas

5 Gifts to Make Your Mother Happier Than Ever on This Mother’s Day

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mother's day gift ideas

So, it’s the second sunday of may, mother’s day, is coming or maybe the birthday of the lovely woman who gave birth to you and granted you unconditional love from your first breath to the last one you just took.

Have you decided on what gift to give her as a way of remembering all she has done to raise you?

Don’t worry we have a wonderful collection of silver gift ideas that will save day and create a wonderful smile for that special lady, and best, we have included the small details that take a gift from good to great.

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i. Silver buckle

If you know that your mother likes wearing belts, then she may very well fancy a silver buckle to complete her outfits.

Not only it holds pants up and secures her clothes, but it could be the missing part of her preparation for a near important event.

Before finalizing your decision, don’t forget to choose a silver buckle that meets her fashion preferences.


ii. Silver necklace

This is an easy one: every woman loves jewelry and none can have enough necklaces!

Maybe you would like to gift her a silver necklace with a stone of her favorite color?

Or maybe you would prefer a unique gift with her name engraved on the pendant?


Sterling silver, which does not include any nickel, is a hypoallergic metal ideal for jewelry and is very unlikely to cause any undesired effect on the skin.

This would be a true touchdown for years to remembered. In any case, make sure the length of the necklace is suitable for her dressing choices.


iii. Silver bracelet

A sterling silver bracelet would never go out of style and for sure, your mom can proudly show it to her friends, telling them that you were the one who gave it.

In addition to that, it would make your mom’s wrist glamorously shining whenever she wears it.

Plus, you aren’t by any means in a shortage of models to choose from: You can definitely find the right silver bracelet to gift to your mother.


iv. Silver earring

Earrings go hand in hand with necklaces and you may consider buying a necklace earring set or just a pair of silver earrings.

Maybe you’d like to choose a heart shaped earring or one that is studded with diamonds, depending on your budget.

Or maybe you will choose a pair of wonderful shiny swarovski crysal earrings.


If you know the colors of the earrings your mother already has, you may choose a different one so that she will be more flexible in combining with her outfit.


v. Silver perfume bottle

Every woman loves perfume and silver and when you put them two together magic happens.

A silver perfume bottle is a distinct member of the silverware family: every piece of silver has its day but a silver perfume bottle takes the stage every day.

Perfume is the final touch that a woman would make to herself and a beautiful silver perfume bottle will make it even more joyful.

If your mother is already running out of perfume, then this is the perfect time for you to buy her a new perfume bottle.

But this time, a silver one for the reason that no woman can resist shiny and sparkling things.

Nevertheless, you need not purchase one that is too expensive.


You just finished reading a collection of 5 very good silver gift ideas for mothers.

It may not be the easiest task to choose one from these, but rest assured, as long as you give her a silver gift coming from your heart, there will be a big warm smile.