sterling silver necklace

What Does 925 Italy Mean on a Silver Necklace?

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sterling silver necklace

925 Italy mark on silver necklace means that the jewelry is made of sterling silver in Italy, Europe.

Sterling silver is not pure silver: it is a silver alloy.

It includes 92.5% silver and the remaining part is cheaper metals like copper or nickel.

In other words, sterling silver jewelry includes 925 parts in thousand of silver.

This is why sterling silver is also known as 925 silver.

Similarly, a piece of gold jewelry marked with 585 has 58.5% gold and Palladium 950 has 95% palladium in their alloys.

Thanks to these marking, we can easily learn the type and purity of the metals before buying. While 925 sterling silver is a very dominant alloy for silver jewelry, gold pieces have more different versions.

Gold purity is measured in karats which corresponds to one 24th of the weight.

24 karat or 24k gold is 100% pure gold. Other popular gold alloys are 10k, 14k, 18k and 20k.

These have 41.7% , 58.3% , 75% and 91.7% pure gold in their composition.

There are equally important other stamps for sterling silver like STERLING, 925, 92.5, ,925 or SS used to show the metal.Pure silver meaning 100% silver is not good for jewelry because it is too soft.

Thus, a harder alloy is needed. Sterling includes often copper as the extra metal which makes a tougher silver fit for making into jewelry.

This 925 Italy mark is not specific to necklaces. It can in addition be used in other pieces like silver bracelets or rings.


Are 925 Italy silver pieces valuable?

Silver is a precious metal and sterling silver is an alloy of it.All sterling pieces have value.

If you want to calculate the worth of silver used in a sterling jewelry, you can do with ease.Just take the weight of the pieces and multiply it with 0.925 .

Now you have found the ounce or gram of silver used in the making.

Then, you should simply multiply this weight with the unit value of silver.

Let’s see an example: say we have a 2 oz sterling silver necklace.

2 oz * 92.5% = 1.85 oz of silver

As of the day of writing, 1 oz of silver is approximately 25 USD.

So, 1.85 * 25 = 46.25 USD

The raw value of the silver used in the necklace is $46.25.

Please note that this amount does vary with the international trading price of silver which does fluctuates.

However, this is not the price of the sterling piece.

To reach the real value, one should consider many factors like brand, design and gemstones.

Especially gems like diamond or ruby will weightily change the price.

A sterling silver chain necklace with a 2 carat emerald, diamond cut, with high clarity full color, will command a meaningfully higher price than a more simpler design with no gemstones.

One important point to consider is that if the product is silver plated or not.

Silver plated means that there is a layer of silver which surrounds an inner core which is not silver.

The metal plated by silver is eventually a cheap alloy.

This means that it will command a much lower price.

For this case in particular, the thickness of the silver plating will be critical in determining the price of the product.


Vermeil: Gold plated sterling silver

As solid gold pieces has high price tags, gold-plated jewelry is produced – and sold at more affordable prices.

These are cheaper metal bases plated with a layer of gold.

If the inner metal is 925 silver covered with a layer of gold, this setting has a specific name: it is called vermeil or gold vermeil.

In this case, as gold is more expensive than silver, the price will go north significantly compared to a solid quality sterling silver jewelry.

The purity and thickness of gold coating will heavily change price, had it was all solid 925 sterling.

The standards for gold vermeil jewelry can vary from country to country.

Different jurisdictions may require unequal levels of thickness and minimum purity standard for the karat of the gold-plating.

So, you should never refrain from asking the seller about the specs of the metals used during jewelry shopping.


Are sterling silver earrings hypoallergenic?

Silver is a hypoallergenic metal thus it is considered safe.

However, 925 Italian silver is obviously not pure silver.

It contains different metals which may not be hypoallergenic.

Nickel is the first suspect if there is any allergic reactions like color change and itches.

If you have sensitive skin or looking for a gift for a friend, make sure the jewelry is made of hypoallergenic metals and prefer nickel free products.


Will sterling silver tarnish?

Sterling silver does tarnish.

This is the same for 925 Italy silver.

Tarnish is the blackish areas on the surface of silver jewelry and silverware.

These tarnished parts are results of chemical reactions between silver and humidity and oxygen in the air.

Happily, there are many ways to get rid of tarnish, even with house hold products.

You may also want to compare stainless steel vs sterling silver for a tarnish resistant alternative.


Are sterling silver rings real?

If you are in doubt about the authenticity of 925 Italy silver jewelry before or after purchase, there is an easy way to check.

Rub the piece in question with a soft white cloth!

Real sterling silver should leave some blackish marks behind.

If you don’t see any dark traces, then you have valid doubts!

As a bonus, another checking method is to use a magnet to verify if is the piece gets attracted or not.

Silver is not magnetic.

So you should not feel any attraction when you hold them near.

Nevertheless, if the piece is not sterling but silver plated over a core which is magnetic, then you can observe magnetic attraction.

Do the Acid Test for Silver Purity

Buy a testing kit for checking silver and its purity.

Put a drop of this solution a sample.

You should observe a color change according the silver percentage, if any, in your 925 Italy piece.

Compare your observation with the color chart included with the solution.

The Verdict

925 Italy silver pieces are made of real silver.

They are made of sterling silver in Italy.

If you came across jewelry made of yellow gold, white gold or silver jewelry with a 825 Italy mark on it, check the post titles “What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry?” for more.

They are valuable quality pieces made from one of the most-used precious metals, which is still hold as reserve by some central banks.

As sterling silver does tarnish, you should pay more attention to these pieces than, say your stainless steel jewelry.

They will need some care for saying goodbye to tarnish. This is unavoidable.

Simple precautions like making sure they are clean after wearing and keeping them in separate soft pouches or small zip lock jewelry bags will do most of the job.

By this way, they will not get in contact with air, which kicks off the tarnishing process.

This solution will also prevent them from getting scratched inside your jewelry box as 925 Italian silver piece of jewelry is a soft metal.

To end with, if you always put your sterling jewelry last after perfumes, you’d get very close to a perfect and forever happy sterling silver jewelry owner!