16th Year Anniversary Silver Holloware Gift Ideas


Anniversaries come on top of the dates-to-remember lists. And it becomes even more critical if it is a wedding anniversary.

Giving gifts shows the clear appreciation of the person(s) and the importance of the event. However, choosing a gift is not always an easy task!

People have made theme lists for marriage anniversaries to add humour and fun to the gifting process.

For the 16th year anniversary, the traditional approach is wax gifts; and the modern way is silver holloware.

Nevertheless, still there is a lot of work to do before reaching to the final decision.

Luckily, we made a lovely list to help you out!


Wax: The Traditional Choice

The most variety for a 16th year anniversary wax gift will be found in; you guessed it, candles!

There is a gazillion of candle types to choose from: plenty of colors, fancy designs and many odors. No doubt, you will find what you have in mind.

Even so, never forget to go the extra mile and customize your candle for that special person. You may deliver your gift in a personalized box, or maybe you’d like to have your initials on the candles.

Another option if you want to go with wax gifts might be a set of wax letter seal.

In the time of emails and instant messages, taking the time to write a letter on paper and sending it is really rare.

A wax seal set might be a fantastic gift for such a person with exquisite taste and elegance.

Think of a wooden box and inside a wax badge seal set with initials of that special person. Now that’s an unforgettable elegant gift!


The New Approach: Silver Holloware Gift Ideas

The modern option for the 16th year anniversary, is silver holloware which offers much more choices than wax items and is easier to get creative with.

Silver pens, tie pins, silver cufflinks, jewelry, silver jewelry boxes, or art items come to mind in a snap but silver holloware opens a whole new level of specialization to craft your gift for that person.

Before going deeper, let’s first understand firmly the fundamentals.


What is silver holloware?

Silver holloware refers to every silver object, which includes or covers a void space in its design. This obviously leaves out all tableware such as plates and serving pieces.

While mainly used for tableware such as sugar bowls or food covers made of silver; today, silver holloware is used for a vast selection of silver items, including silver pens and art items.

Silver holloware may be sterling silver, argentium silver or another metal plated with silver.

The material is of prime importance as it affects heavily the price. While silver items, for example, a silver teapot made from sterling silver, will command a higher price when compared to a teapot made from copper and plated over with a thin layer of silver.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals and on the other side, Argentium silver has similar percentages. For more information these silver alloys, you may visit our sterling silver and argentium silver pages.

When we look to silver plated items, it is impossible to give a percentage without any inspection.

When shopping for a gift, it’s good practice focus solely on sterling silver items as it is easily definable and more “sellable” as its value is calculable without any complication.


Combine silver with a gemstone

If you want to add more glamour to your gift, a excellent way is to add a gemstone to it.

You may choose a silver ring with a gem or maybe pair of earrings would be better.

Here is a list of silver items with jewelry to help you out:

• Silver ring
• Silver earrings
• Silver fountain pen
• Silver deskware
• Silver vase
• Silver mirror
• Silver jewelry box
• Silver tie pin
• Silver bracelet

You can choose to combine a gemstone with all of these silver items.

But which gemstone are going to pick?

A good answer for this question, is the gemstone which is the birthstone of the receiver. You may refer to this post for birthstones of every month.


Another good decision would be to choose a gemstone with the favorite color of the receiver. Again, you may have a look at the article mentioned above for an appropriate gem.

A different approach could be choosing a gemstone with a certain metaphysical effect such as healing powers, increasing concentration or bringing wealth.

Here is a short list of gemstones with their powers:

• Aquamarine: relaxation, focus and stress relief
• Pearl: calmness and healing effects
• Black tourmaline: absorbtion of negative energy
• Carnelian: galvanizes excitement and joy
• Citrine: increases energy
• Jade: brings good luck
• Rose quartz: opens up for universal love
• Turquoise: self awareness and healing

Personalize your gift!

If you really want to create an unforgettable gift: personalize your gift for that special man or woman!

Give that unique gift which is made for him/her and no one else.

How can you create a unique silver holloware gift?

A simple yet effective way is to have the receiver’s initials or name engraved on the gift.

For example, think of a jewelry box with engraved initials or a silver fountain pen with the receiver’s name on it.

If you are giving a gift to a couple, you know closely, you may think about a special memory they had together and refer to it.

For instance, you may choose to have their first photograph with each other or their wedding photo engraved on a silver plate with the date and place underneath.

By going that extra mile, you’ll be sure to guarantee to create that surprise effect with a wonderful smile. Nevertheless, the true power of the gift is, remembering and letting them know that you genuinely care for them.