aluminum steel necklace

Aluminum Jewelry Pros and Cons

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aluminum steel necklace

There are many considerations when choosing the metal for your jewelry.

While precious metals such as gold or silver traditionally come forth, there are other metals, which provide different flavors and nice benefits.

One of these alternative metals is aluminum.

Aluminum for jewelry has become popular thanks to its slick appearance and friendlier price tag.

In fact, aluminum is cheaper than many non-precious metals that are made into jewelry.

This is a big advantage for aluminum, which is enjoying an increasing popularity.

However, a more approachable price is not the only advantage aluminum has.

It is hypoallergenic and easier to maintain because aluminum jewelry does not tarnish.

Now let’s have a closer look at aluminum’s pros and cons.

Pros of Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum is hypoallergenic

Aluminum has no nickel, which is arguably the most common metal that irritates the skin.

This means your skin is far less likely to have an allergic reaction.

While no metal is 100% hypoallergenic for everyone, aluminum is pretty close.

Aluminum does not tarnish like silver

Everyone loves sterling silver, but if you do not care for it will get dull and tarnished.

This is not the case with aluminum, which fights tarnish on its own.

It creates a layer of aluminum oxide, which protects the metal, even with minimal cleaning.

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Aluminum is safe to wear because it does not rust

This means that aluminum does not get oxidized like some other metals such as iron.

Thus this means you can get it wet without worry.

Many cheap metals include iron, which is why they rust without plenty of care.

Aluminum has no such issues. It will stay bright for many years to come with minimal cleaning.

Aluminum is lightweight

Aluminum is lighter than most metals, yet it is also quite strong.

It weights a third compared to sterling silver.

Aluminum jewelry is significantly lighter than stainless steel 316L pieces.

Even necklaces are quite light when made of aluminum.

If you are complaining about the weight of your bracelet or necklace and do not want to sacrifice bling-bling, you’d be happy to consider aluminum jewelry.

And this ease of use does not mean you have to sacrifice durability.

You can be sure that your aluminum jewelry is durable and ready to serve you long time.

Taking care of aluminum jewelry is easy

Cleaning your aluminum jewelry is a snap.

All you need is a little dish soap and a soft cloth to keep it from scratching.

A little cleaning here and there will keep your aluminum jewelry as bright the day you purchased it.

Cons of Aluminum Jewelry

There are almost no disadvantages to aluminum jewelry save that it is more expensive than some of the cheap metals.

Aluminum jewelry may be difficult to resize

Besides, because it is harder than precious metals like gold or silver, it will not give as easily.

This is not much of a disadvantage now, but as people grow older, their finger sizes tend to change.

Which means that you may have to resize an aluminum ring for a new fitting.

Nevertheless, aluminum is not a precious metal, so its price range is still within the budget of most jewelry shoppers.

It is also scratch-resistant: it can be damaged with a strong impact.

But, it does not break easily, so it can survive several impacts.

If you are looking for inexpensive and beautiful jewelry that will last for a long time, aluminum is the metal that will work for you.

It’s light, easy to clean, and stays in like-new condition with little maintenance.

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