White gold ring with diamonds

How To Clean Rhodium Plated Jewelry

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White gold ring with diamonds

Rhodium is a rare metal with increasing popularity in jewelry.

It is a hard and durable which a natural luster.

Moreover, rhodium, like gold, does not corrode or oxidize, which makes even more attractive.

This means it easier to keep it bright and shiny.

However, rhodium is not a rose without thorns.

It is brittle nature makes it unsuitable to use as a basis for jewelry.

Nevertheless, rhodium finds its place as a good metal for plating.

Characteristics of Rhodium
  • It is silver-white and lustrous in appearance.
  • It is non-toxic.
  • It is resistant to wear.
  • It is not attacked by most acids.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium’s brittleness makes it difficult to shape.

It can get cracked easily and break.

Hence it is not the ideal metal for starting a jewelry piece.

Even so, it is a quite good finisher!

Rhodium plating is a process used to protect metals from the surface.

When used on jewelry, it increases its luster, durability and brightness.

Thanks to rhodium plating, jewelry becomes resistant to scratches and gains a long-lasting silvery-white color.

Probably, the best well-known example is rhodium plated white gold jewelry.

White gold has a silvery color but when plated with rhodium it gets more uniform.

You can find many rhodium plated sterling silver rings.

This plating also increases its hardness and protects the gold and silver alloys.

This new bright uniform look has increasingly made rhodium plating popular.

Rhodium is hypoallergenic

Practically, you have nothing to worry about because rhodium has no known allergic effects.

However, if the metal alloy, which is plated by rhodium, includes nickel or other metals which you are allergic to, you may experience irritation.

You may want to contact your physician to check out any allergies you might experience through the use of rhodium plated jewelry.

This may occur in case of direct contact to the metal.

The experience differs from people and does not apply to everyone.

This contact can only occur after the plating wears off.

In this case, a short visit to your local jewelry shop will suffice to restore the plating.

Your jeweler will take your piece and re-plate it with rhodium.


How to Take Care of Rhodium Plated Jewelry

As in all precious pieces, the better you take care of your rhodium-plated jewelry; the better it will take care of you.

Thankfully, the best practices to ensure that your jewelry stays perfect and glittering are easy and cheap methods.

Moreover, you can do these at home.

There are household items you can use to care for your rhodium items.

Some of these items are tissue paper, polishing cloth or soft towel.

You can simply wipe gently your jewelry with a soft towel and place in a pouch to prevent scratches in your jewelry box.

You can also use a mildly warm water with a soft soap. Soak your jewelry and slowly wipe off dirt with a soft towel. Finish off by drying: make sure you dry it completely to avoid and residues.

However, what not to do may be more important for the longevity of your jewelry.

Firstly, you must keep rhodium items far from chemicals.

This means these are not the perfect bling-bling for a chemistry lab.

But you must also keep them away from detergents, toothpastes or solvents, which are capable of damaging your plating.

It is advisable to avoid totally ammonia based products.

Secondly, ensure that you consult a professional before using anything on your rhodium jewelry to avoid damaging it.


Finally, you will be making a good decision investing in rhodium plated jewelry because you will not only enjoy the bright luster of this precious metal, it will certainly last for a long time.


Where to buy rhodium jewelry?

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