What Is The Difference Between Palladium 500 And 950?

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Boasting of a bright whiteness that is almost ethereal, Palladium is highly attractive to most, if not all, jewelry lovers.

Palladium jewelry’s lightweight makes it a joy put on.

Additionally, it does not fade or wear.

These qualities make Palladium jewelry pieces, attractive to women and men, especially when considering wedding bands.

If you’re in the market for palladium wedding jewelry, you’re probably confused because of price differences and similar-looking alloys.

To shed some light at the subject and help you make the right buying decision, let’s take a closer look at Palladium and its alloys.

What is Palladium?

Palladium is a precious metal which has a silvery-white color.

Its symbol is 46 and belongs to the platinum metals family.

William Wollaston, its discoverer, named it after an asteroid named Pallas.

It is mined in countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Russia, the United States and Canada.

In its purest form, Palladium is too soft to be used in jewelry, just as gold or silver.

This is why alloys of palladium are used similar to rose gold or sterling silver for jewelry.

Palladium 950 and Palladium 500 are examples for these alloys.

What Is Palladium 950 And 500?

Just as in 925 silver, which is sterling silver, the number shows the percentage of palladium in the alloy.

Palladium 950 means that the jewelry is made of 95% Palladium, while the remaining 5% is made of other metals.

Palladium 500 is made up of 50% Palladium, while the rest 50% is made up of mainly silver.

Jewelry made of 95% of Palladium is hypoallergenic.

This means that the Palladium 950 is not likely to cause an allergy.

However, Palladium 500, which is 50% made of silver, can often cause allergies in those that are highly sensitive.

This is because silver usually contains nickel or copper in small amounts.

Palladium 950 and 500 differ in price

Palladium is a high-priced metal, so a smaller price tag on jewelry made of palladium 500 should be expected.

Palladium 950 is a lot more expensive than the Palladium 500, which admittedly, is a difference that can often sway decisions.

Always check for the hallmark.

Normally, the type of Palladium is engraved on the inner part of the ring or wedding band.

So don’t forget to look for it before purchasing.

Palladium 500 is less durable than Palladium 950.

This means it will need more care to reduce wear.

Gemstones make a large difference.

There are lots of gems with big price gaps.

If you want a sizable natural diamond on your ring, you should be ready to pay much more than a small moissanite palladium ring.

Brand and design will factor themselves in the price.

Take into account that if you ever want to resell your jewelry piece, a designer made branded item may command a higher price tag in the market.

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