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What is the Difference Between Tungsten and Titanium?

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titanium rings

Tungsten(carbide) and titanium are two of the popular jewelry metals.

They are especially in demand for wedding jewelry.

There is a vast amount of pieces designed for wedding bands, wedding rings, body piercing barbells and many others.

In this post, we put them side by side and check how they match up.

Titanium is much more lightweight than tungsten

A same volume of titanium ring weights more than 4 times a tungsten ring.

Tungsten’s density is 19,3 g/cm3 versus titanium’s 4,5 g/cm3 is immensely greater.

This may be an advantage for titanium, as it will be much less pressure on the fingers.

While some may prefer a heavier ring and want to feel it more.

In this case, tungsten carbide may get the vote.

Titanium and tungsten are both hypoallergenic

You may have heard of titanium implants used in dental practice and other areas.

Furthermore, there is a vast selection of titanium body piercing.

The reason is that titanium is considered very safe for the human body as it does not cause any undesired reaction.

Likewise, tungsten is also hypoallergenic metal.

Although not guaranteed, you can use both tungsten and titanium as there are very likely not to cause any allergies or irritations.

Tungsten carbide is harder than titanium

Pure tungsten is fragile but when it’s made into tungsten carbide, it becomes a very durable material.

A very majority of tungsten jewelry pieces will be made from tungsten carbide.

Tungsten clearly takes the edge when it comes to hardness.

Tungsten is ranked 9 on the Mohs scale while titanium gets a 6 grade.

It is rare that you will encounter an object harder than tungsten.

You can be sure tungsten jewelry is very scratch resistant.

Titanium is not of course soft like sterling silver, but is less hard than tungsten.

Forget resizing tungsten and titanium rings

You want your jewelry to hard and durable and that is what tungsten and titanium deliver.

However, they may overdeliver in terms of durability.

They are practically impossible to resize.

You will have a though time finding a jeweler which would adjust the ring according to your finger’s size.

Fingers change size with time: they get bigger or sometimes thinner.

This makes carrying the ring you got 20 years ago a little difficult.

The good news is as that they are both much cheaper than gold.

Thus, it might be convenient to buy a new one.

Both titanium and tungsten jewelry are usually closely priced

Tungsten and titanium are generally considerably cheaper than gold.

This makes them much more approachable jewelry pieces.

Thanks to their friendly price tag, you can build up your jewelry collection in a smaller budget.

This way, you can have a variety in jewelry and enjoy a greater freedom of choice.

A final benefit will be not having to use the same piece too often.

Of course, you carry your jewelry because you like them, but who wants to wear the same piece over and over again?

Wearing the same thing too often may become boring and the need for change may knock on the door.

Using a piece less will increase the enjoyment you receive and, also, the lifetime of jewelry items.

This will give you more joy and a better return on your purchase.


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