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Tungsten vs Titanium Wedding Rings: Similarities and Differences [2021 Updated]

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titanium rings

Tungsten and titanium are two popular metals for men’s jewelry.

They come with similar color and shine.

They are both alternative durable metals to gold, silver and platinum rings.

In this post, we put them side by side and check how they match up.

Titanium rings are greatly more lightweight

A titanium piece weights about a quarter of a similar tungsten one.

The latter has a density of 19,3 g/cm3, while other gray metal has a much lower density of 4,5 g/cm3.

This is plus for the latter, as it will be greatly less pressure on the fingers.

However, if you prefer a heavier metal band, then the tungsten carbide one gets the vote.

Both gray metals are hypoallergenic

Titanium is widely used in biomedical sciences as surgery equipment and implant material.

It plays an important role in dental practices and bone replacement.

Because it is strong, light and very safe for the human body.

This metal with symbol Ti is hypoallergenic, which means it is very unlikely to cause any undesired reactions with the human body.

Likewise, tungsten is also a hypoallergenic metal.

However, in its mixture of metals, it may other metals, which may cause itching and other unwanted results.

Nickel is the main suspect for metal allergies for sensitive skin.

A smaller part of the population may have an allergy to the latter cobalt too.

So, just opt for nickel-free and cobalt-free rings.

Tungsten carbide is harder than titanium

Pure tungsten is brittle but when carbon is added, it becomes a very durable material.

Tungsten carbide clearly takes the edge when it comes to hardness.

Hardness of metals is measured on the Mohs Scale of Hardness .

Tungsten has 9 while titanium gets a 6 rating on this mineral hardness scale.

It is seriously hard and durable.

Rarely, you’ll encounter a harder object.

You can be sure that your tungsten jewelry is very scratch resistant.

Even so, it is brittle and prone to shattering after physical impact or falls.

A titanium wedding band is not soft like sterling silver, of course.

It offers stainless steel level hardness and durability at a much lower weight.

It is a good fit for piercing and jewelry as it is even used in implants.

Forget resizing

You want your jewelry to be hard and durable, that is what these rings offer.

However, they may overdeliver in terms of strength.

They are practically impossible to resize.

Fingers change size with time: they get bigger or sometimes thinner with changes in weight.

So you’ll eventually want to resize your band for your new finger size.

When that day comes, if ever, you will have a though time finding a jeweler which would take the job.

However, there is no need to solve a problem which does not exist!

Moreover, we don’t even know the issue will arise!

This may give problems in an emergency situation when cutting the ring might be necessary.

This won’t be an easy task like taking off by force a sterling silver ring or white gold bracelet.

Titanium and tungsten rings do not tarnish like sterling silver.

Both of these metal alloys are resistant to corrosion and rust. Also, they do not tarnish.

They are usually closely priced

Both rings are generally considerably cheaper than gold.

This makes them more approachable jewelry pieces.

Thanks to their friendly price tag, you can build up your jewelry collection within a smaller budget.

By this way, you can have a variety of jewelry and enjoy a greater freedom of choice.

You can benefit from not having to use the same piece too often.

Of course, you carry your jewelry because you like them, but who wants to wear the same piece repeatedly?

Wearing the same thing too often may become boring and the need for change may knock on the door!

Using a piece less will increase the enjoyment you receive and, also, the lifetime of jewelry items.

This will give you more joy and a better return on your purchases.

The Verdict: Tungsten or Titanium Rings?

People love to carry quality shiny pieces and create their own fashion style.

Both of these rings bring shine along with hardness and strength and customization to your fingers.

While these properties are many times sought, tungsten and titanium wedding bands check all columns in this regard.

They hard and durable: both are scratch resistant and do not tarnish.

Yet, you can get engravings inside as you wish!

They are not precious metals: thus, they are available at more affordable prices than gold or palladium rings.

Titanium wins in weight as it is about one-forth of tungsten ring’s weight.

Both of these elements are hypoallergenic, but for the latter especially, you should be sure that no allergenic metal is used, like nickel.

Titanium is also the safer bet for avoiding allergies.

It is hypoallergenic which means it is very unlikely to cause any malignant effects for sensitive skin.

On the other hand, tungsten carbide jewelry may include nickel and some other metals, which may be allergenic.

Don’t hesitate to ask your shop owner if it is free from allergenic metals.

Both rings are hard and durable. They are resistant to corrosion.

Tungsten clearly outperforms in hardness yet it comes with weight!

Resizing is a problem you don’t want to solve with both of these metals.

It is nearly impossible to resize them.

To end with, the pros of titanium and tungsten wedding bands outplay their cons making them good alternatives to traditional rings.

Yet, the toughness of these rings may pass over to the decision making too.

In our view, titanium is a better choice as it is much lightweight.

In either case, you have the option to have engraving in both of these rings.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a stronger feel with a cool luster, just make sure there won’t be any allergic issues.

So, which trendy choice are you going for?

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Related questions

1. Is tungsten and titanium the same thing?

No, they are not.

They are different metals which have their own place on the periodic table.

2. Is Titanium lighter than tungsten?

Yes, it is mucg lighter.

Tungsten’s density is about 19,3 g/cm3 while titanium has a density around 4,5 g/cm3.

Thus, for the same volume of metal, tungsten will weight about 4 times the titanium piece.

3. Does titanium scratch easily?

A harder metal can scratch a softer one.

Titanium has a 6 rating on the Mohs scale for mineral hardness.

It sits above gold and sterling silver meaning, it has a higher scratch resistance than those precious metals.

It resides below stainless steel or tungsten meaning the latter two have higher scratch resistance than titanium.

4. Will Titanium turn your finger green?

No, it will not turn your finger green.

Titanium does not tarnish and does not corrode.

5. Which metal is stronger titanium or tungsten?

Tungsten has a 8.5 rating on the Mohs scale which is higher than titanium’s 6.

Thus, tungsten is much harder and stronger.