palladium vs titanium

Palladium vs Titanium

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palladium vs titanium
The wedding day is one of the most special days in anyone’s life.

It is a day you’d never want to compromise in any way.

Everything should be perfect from the venue to the roses, from the tables to the music.

And of course, the wedding jewelry is at the top of the list.

Next to gold and silver, palladium and titanium rise above the ranks for this special day.

Palladium and titanium find themselves racing to be the choice for wedding rings.

They have similarities as well as differences to consider before buying wedding jewelry.

So, let’s have a closer look at these two metals.

What is palladium?

Palladium is a precious metal from the platinum group of metals.

It’s known for its silvery-white color.

It is durable and requires low maintenance unlike sterling silver jewelry.

What is titanium?

Titanium is considered as one of the best metals for wedding jewelry thanks to its durability and strength.

It does get scratched easily like silver pieces.

Titanium jewelry does not corrode or tarnish in normal conditions.

Titanium rings get special attention because they’re lightweight.

Palladium and titanium jewelry are hypoallergenic

As long as they do not include allergenic metals, like the usual suspect nickel, they are both hypoallergenic.

This means there is a very high chance that jewelry made from these metals, will not cause any undesired effects like itching or discoloring.

It is highly unlikely that you’ll be affected, although there is no 100% guarantee for any jewelry piece.

You can simply test and see.

You may want to borrow a palladium or titanium bracelet from a friend and wear it for a week and check, whether you have an allergy to these metals or not.

Titanium has a smaller price tag than Palladium

The high demand for palladium keeps the price above titanium.

Titanium rings will generally be less expensive and easier to find jewelry to fit your budget.

Palladium and titanium jewelry are easy to take care of

Palladium and titanium does not tarnish

Thus you will not have to make extra effort, to keep them bright and shiny, unlike sterling silver.

They are also both resistant to corrosion.

They will not rust.

Consequently they do not demand plating to keep their lustrous look.

So choosing these as primary metals of your jewelry, will also save you from going to the jeweler for re-plating and keep your money in your pocket along the way.

Palladium and titanium rings are difficult to resize

Resizing palladium or titanium is not a light task.

While their durability is an advantage for overcoming long years ahead, if the finger changes dimensions and the need for resizing the ring arises, this upside becomes an obstacle.

You may have hard time while looking out for a jeweler who will take this challenging task, as in tungsten rings.

Some jewelers may only accept to downsize the ring and refuse to enlarge its diameter.

This work gets even more complicated when there is a gemstone on the ring.

If you’d never want to consider such a problem, you may choose various gold or sterling silver designs instead.

Titanium is much lighter than palladium

When you wear a titanium wedding ring, you may be surprised of its weight!
Titanium jewelry is light and easy to carry.

Titanium has a density of 4,52 g/cm3 while palladium’s density near 150% more than that with 11.9 g/cm3.

This huge difference will directly put titanium jewelry at another level.

However, we must note that some people prefer “heavy” jewelry, at the end, it’s a matter of private choice.

The verdict: palladium or titanium?

If weight is a prime point of concern, titanium rings are waiting for you.

Are you expecting to have heavy jewelry or not worried about weight at all?

You may choose palladium wedding rings instead. Check palladium jewelry on Amazon.

If you are on a quest for white engagement rings, you may also want to compare platinum vs palladium vs white gold.

Lastly, if your budget does not have enough room for a high-ticket purchase, titanium may save the day and be your choice with its approachable price tag.

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