gold bars and coins

What is Gold Bullion?

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gold bars and coins

Gold bullion is the general term designating gold bars, coins and rounds.

There are many bullion products serving different purposes.

The biggest and heaviest bars are mainly used in industry, investment and jewelry.

The small pieces like gold coins and short bars are used for souvenirs, gifting and investing in little amounts.

Gold coins

National mints produce gold coins.

Some of these have face values.

For example, a 1-ounce gold eagle coin carries a face value of 50 USD.

Even though, the value of the gold used to produce it is much higher.

Beware of the purity of coins.

Never buy a gold coin without checking its fineness.

Mints produce coins at higher tiers of purity.

You can find gold coins at 3-nine purity, that is 99.9% or 4-niners which are 99.99% gold.

There are also coins at lower percentages, so not every gold coin has the same purity.

gold eagle coin

Coins are mostly produced at 1-ounce weight

1-ounce coins are widely produced by national mints.

There is no shortage of one-ounce gold coins from US, British, Canadian, Austrian or Australian national mints.

You can also find half-ounce coins for smaller purchases.

However, with the economic proliferation of China, coins at 30 grams are also getting widespread.

This change has significance when calculating purchases.

1 ounce equals 31.1034 grams.

So the new Chinese coin standard is slightly lighter than the 1-ounce gold and silver coin.

That approximates to 3.5% less in weight.

This will bring up the necessity of a conversion of coin price for comparison.

Be careful not to judge a 30 gram gold coin for a 1-ounce coin.

Always check the purity and weight, only then compare prices.

Generally, coins are decorated with specific animals and plants to the country.

For example, Australia’s national mint produces coins with kangaroos.

Royal Canadian Mint, uses maple leafs on their gold and silver coins.

Austrian National Mint makes Philharmonic coins showing their classic music heritage.

Turkish National Mint has gold coins for commemorating the Seljuk Empire.

These coins carry 100 Turkish Lira face value and, at the time of writing, were sold for five times this value from their online shop.

Gold bars

Just like coins, we have many different gold bars.

1-ounce bars are again very popular.

You can buy gold bars up to 400 ounces.

Again, there are gold bars produced in metric grams.

You can find gram gold bars from 0.5 grams to one kg for retail customers.

Lighter bars enable making small investments over time.

They are very popular wedding gift items for newlyweds in Turkey and India.

Private mints produce bars with many interesting designs.

For example, you can buy a gold round with a stormtrooper or gold bar with a rose!

Gold rounds

Gold rounds are coin shape pieces produced by private mints.

Buying gold coins and rolls is a good way to acquire gold.

This has the advantage of investing in small amounts.

Thus, you won’t be anchoring your investment at big volume on one price.

You have to opportunity to build up your position over time.

For example, you may buy a fixed dollar amount of gold coin every month, regardless of the price.

This is called dollar-cost averaging.

By this way, you’ll avoid being heavily on the wrong side of crazy price swings.

You’ll also reduce unnecessary stress, which comes with losses on paper.

Of course, there is no obligation to buy every single month.

You can buy gold whenever, and if you feel comfortable.

This mechanic, non-sentimental approach prevents getting caught in the moment.

You can easily store coins and rounds in a safe box or home safe or a bank safe.

Coins are also suitable for higher sums of investment.

You can get gold coins in larger amounts such as in tubes or monster boxes.

There are 20 gold coins in a tube, or if you want even more, you can choose to buy a monster box where there are 500 coins.

Buying coins in a tube or box, might be more expensive than buying a single large and heavy bar.

This difference will come mainly from the premium added to the over the counter price.

However, if you ever decide to liquidate a portion, having many coins will be superior to selling a big bar and buying gold with the rest.

Where to buy gold bullion

You can buy gold bullion from national and private mints directly.

As they are the producers of gold bullion, you can get bullion information from the source.

These mints plan their schedule in advance.

If there is a limited edition coming, it might be especially, a good idea to check and back-order from their website.

Another option is to shop at online and offline retailers.

If you choose this route, you’ll have more purchase options as they will offer a wider selection.

These retailers sell coins, rounds and bars from many mints all over the world.

You’ll have the freedom to choose from US Gold Eagle, Chinese Gold Panda and South African Krugerrand, Australian Gold Kangaroo coins and many more at the same place.

Another benefit of retailers is their diverse inventory.

These retailers would carry some amount of stock of gold bullion.

Even if, the mint might be sold out, you may find the gold bullion you are searching for at a retailer.