How to Clean Palladium Jewelry

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There is no doubt of the popularity of palladium rings.

As a precious metal, palladium is one of the most sought-after thanks to its inherent beauty, durability, and scratch-resistance.

However, it is still a metal like any other, which means that from time to time it will need to be cleaned.

By knowing the proper way to clean palladium, you can maintain the beauty and brilliance of your jewelry for a long time.

How to Care for Palladium

The first thing to know about palladium is that it can scratch just like any other precious metal.

This means that you will need to clean it with care so that you do not create any further damage.

You’ll want to store your palladium jewelry separately from your other jewelry to minimize the possibility of being scratched.

A good way is to use separate zip-lock bags or soft cloth bags to prevent contact and friction between your jewelry pieces.

The good news is that the scratches are not a removal from the metal, just the displacement.

Thus it can be smooth out quickly without losing any of the volume.

So, you will need the following to maintain the inherent beauty of the metal.

  1. Mild Soap Solution or Designated Jewelry Cleaner
  2. Soft Cloth
  3. Water for Rinsing

You should only clean your palladium ring occasionally so that the friction from using the cleanser and cloth does not create any additional damage.

An occasional wipe from a soft cloth is often enough to remove the surface grit and grime without causing any damage.

You should use an appropriate cleanser or mild soap solution occasionally.

Plus, you should have your ring professionally cleaned, which will restore it to its original appearance.

A professional cleaning should only happen every few years depending on your maintenance of the ring itself.

How to Clean Your Palladium Ring

Start with the soft cloth and gently wipe the ring, both inside and out, while it is off your finger.

Then, add the solution or cleanser to the cloth and wipe again.

Once you are satisfied with the results, you may want to rinse the ring and quickly dry it or leave it alone.

The only reason to rinse the ring is if you have sensitive skin that might react to the residue from the solution or cleanser.

Avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals as that may discolor some of the gemstones on the ring.

However, palladium itself is resistant enough so that bleach and other harsher cleaners should not affect the metal.

Once fully cleaned, you can put the ring back on and wear it until it needs another cleaning.

An occasional wipe from a cloth, especially inside the ring will clear away the dirt, grime, and debris before it gets a chance to build up.

By maintaining your palladium ring, you can keep it looking in like-new condition with minimal effort.

The key is to clean it a little every so often and not all at once if possible.

Plus, having it professionally cleaned every few years will keep it bright and beautiful.

Where to buy palladium jewelry?

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