Cubic Zirconia vs White Topaz

gold ring cz stone

Gold ring adorned with cubic zirconia stones

Cubic zirconia and white topaz are two significant diamond substitutes.

Their looks are very similar as well as their price tags.

Check the differences between CZ and white topaz, before making your decision.

What is cubic zirconia?

CZ stones are diamond simulant created in the lab.

Although, it is found in nature, the amounts are not at the level of demand.

Thus, virtually all CZ jewelry is made of artificial stones.

As their production conducted in controlled environment, they are practically flawless.

It is very well possible to produce “pure” cubic zirconia stones with no inclusions.

Moreover, we are able to produce cubic zirconias with color.

This is achieved by controlling the inclusion elements and their percentage in the crystal structure.

What is white topaz?

Topaz is a naturally-occurring gemstone.

It comes in many colors ranging from yellow to brown.

As for CZ, it is possible to produce topaz stones in the lab.

But in contrary to cubic zirconia, as white topaz is abundant, natural gemstones are used in jewelry.

CZ and white topaz have similar hardness.

Cubic zirconia has a 8-8.5 on the Mohs scale.

Topaz has a rating on 8.

They very close in terms of hardness.

Diamond trumps both stones with a hardness of 10.

While both CZ and WS are hard stones, they are far behind diamond.

It’s not an easy task to find material to scratch them.

However, diamond will be much more scratch-resistant and keep its surface clean and clear.

White topaz may have inclusions, which reduce its clarity, while CZ stones are flawless

Diamond-like colorless CZ stones are easily obtainable. As we control its production, we can create inclusion-free transparent stones.

White topaz stones are widely found in many countries.

As they are formed naturally they may contain inclusions and non-homogenous spots in their structure.

These internal flaws will reduce the gemstone’s clarity.

Cubic zirconia is more brilliant than White Topaz

CZ’s 2.15 refractive index is higher than White topaz’s 1.6.

As a result of this, cubic zirconia will show more brilliance than white topaz.

CZ is more dense than White Topaz

A same volume of cubic zirconia is about 60% heavier than a similar WS stone.


Because white topaz has a density of 3.55 g/cm3 .

Cubic zirconia’s density is about 5.7 g/cm3.

That is 1.6 times white topaz’s density.

Cubic zirconia and white topaz rings have highly approachable prices.

If every ring cost as much as a diamond ring, life would be very discouraging.

Both cubic zirconia and white topaz have friendlier price tags.

Rings with white topaz gems may be a little higher priced but never out of reach.

To end with, if you are looking for a new brilliant gemstone ring with a budget, you are not without choices.

You can choose a ring with a diamond simulant such as morganite, or white sapphire.

Cubic zirconia and white topaz are both popular replacements for diamond.

CZ is widely available as it is lab produced.

White topaz has already a natural abundance worldwide.

They both have beauty and shine at a fraction of a diamond ring.


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