jewelery box with mirror

Best Jewelry Storage and Organization Ideas

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jewelery-box-with-mirrorYou’ve started your jewelry collection and now find that you have to store them properly.

If you want to keep track of your jewelry and organize it effectively, there are some simple methods to ensure that you can find what you want, when you want.

What follows are some traditional storage and organization ideas for jewelry that will help you keep them in fine shape while being able to find what you need quickly.

Jewelry Box

The traditional jewelry box is a simple, effective means of storing your favorite jewelry. Jewelry boxes come in various sizes, and their unique exterior designs have become almost a trademark over the centuries.

Ideally, your jewelry box should be large enough to easily hold your rings, necklaces, and bracelets while being small enough to fit on top of the cabinet, nightstand, or table in your bedroom.

Shopping for a jewelry box is simple enough, you just want to find one that is the right size, has a padded or covered interior to protect your jewels, and trays or boxes that hold special items. The good news is that most jewelry boxes are inexpensive and will last for a lifetime of normal use.


Cabinets & Drawers

For those that do not have a jewelry box, this is probably the most popular way to store your items. While many people just put their jewelry inside a drawer or cabinet, you’ll want some type of box or tray to hold them in, so they don’t get scattered or lost.

If you want to go to the extra expense, you can put a secret compartment inside your cabinet or drawer which makes it harder for thieves to find. This will also help you keep your jewelry in one place, so you can find it easier, especially if you are in a hurry.

Drawer Trays

Simple drawer trays are an inexpensive, but excellent way to organize your jewelry. You can use one tray for items you wear daily and another tray for jewelry that is for special occasions. Alternatively, you can organize your jewelry anyway you want. The beauty of the trays is that they are simple to use, offer easy access to your jewelry, and can be moved or changed around when you acquire more jewelry.

Bags, Hooks, & Stands

For jewelry that you only wear occasionally, putting them in separate bags keeps them from getting scratched while making them easy to find.

However, for jewelry that you wear more often, hooks and stands are a great way to keep them out in the open.

The downside of using hooks and stands is that your jewelry is subject to more tarnishing, and they are easy for thieves to find. This is why you should use hooks and stands for relatively inexpensive jewelry, especially items made from materials that do not easily tarnish.

By following these tips, you can keep your jewelry safely stored and effortlessly found. Remember to use the space that you have first before making any extra purchases.