Black Zirconium Rings Pros and Cons [2020 Updated]

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If you want a lightweight, cool black wedding band, then you should definitely consider, black zirconium rings.

The pros of black zirconium rings are hypoallergenic, lightweight, forever black color, durability, affordability and easy maintenance.

The cons of black zirconium rings are hard to resize and limited availability.

As black zirconium pros best its cons, it is obvious why these rings are gaining popularity.

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Pros of Black Zirconium Rings

1. Black zirconium is hypoallergenic

If you have sensitive skin, you should always play it safe and go for hypoallergenic metals.

The list includes gold, silver, platinum, niobium and black zirconium besides others.

These are metals which are highly unlikely to cause any skin allergies.

Some metals may react in a bad way with sensitive and provoke itching and color change.

These are generally cheap pieces, which include nickel.

Even if the base metal is not nickel, the alloy may include nickel like alloys, including copper.

The moral of the story is: Nickel should be always avoided in jewelry.

As it is the main culprit for allergies, choosing nickel-free jewelry is a simple step towards staying nice and safe.

Black zirconium is one of the hypoallergenic metals, which is very unlikely to cause any itchiness or red skin.


2. Zirconium rings are very lightweight

Some rings are so heavy that they feel like carrying a dumbbell around!

These also gift you a headache which you do not need!

Happily, zirconium rings are lightweight.

This makes it a joy to wear black zirconium rings.


3. Forever black color

Rhodium plated white gold may lose its plating and change color.

Sterling silver jewelry is unable to keep its initial look as it will tarnish.

Unlike these, a black zirconium ring will never fade or lose its color.

Same cool dark color, every time you wear it!

It has the equivalent black metallic color inside out.

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4. Black zirconium is extremely durable

Soft metals like silver or gold are not very resistant to scratches or physical impacts.

Black zirconium clearly outplays the competition with its high durability.

As it is produced by exposing the zirconium to high heat, it becomes very hard.

It ranks above gold, silver, platinum and palladium on the Mohs scale which shows the hardness of metals and stones.

This heat treatment also gives it the black color thanks to oxidation.

Black zirconium is scratch resistant.

It does not tarnish or corrode.

And it does not need any plating for protection like a layer rhodium, which will wear off during the everyday wear and tear.


5. Black zirconium rings are affordable

Zirconium is not a precious metal like gold or silver.

This means you can enrich your jewelry collection at low cost.

Who wouldn’t like to get more for less?

Alternatively, if you are planning for a wedding, black zirconium wedding bands will not take half of the budget!

Of course, if you fancy a black ring with a diamond or natural white sapphire you should be prepared for the price which will not be very low!

While you can find very expensive limited-edition designer pieces, you can easily find much cheaper alternatives that fit your budget.

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6. Black zirconium demands little maintenance

Sterling silver jewelry wants special care to keep its initial luster every time you wear it.

It is soft and doesn’t play well with though jobs.

It will also tarnish, and you’ll have clean and polish it.

Unlike 925 silver, black zirconium rings are quite simple to maintain.

The cool black look is a reflection of the robustness of the piece.

All you have to do is clean it with a warm and soapy water and a clean cloth.

They don’t have to be polished to maintain their original appearance every now and then.


Cons for black zirconium rings


1. Black zirconium rings are very hard to resize

Everyone looses and gains weight.

This weight change may also cause changes in finger sizes.

However, since zirconium is so hard, it is nearly impossible to resize it.

Even if you find a jeweler to accept the challenge, it would be very expensive.

In short, you may forget about resizing a black zirconium ring.


2.Black zirconium rings are not widely available

Black zirconium is not a traditional popular metal like rose gold or sterling silver.

Even platinum or titanium rings are easier to find.

Nevertheless, there is an increasing demand and availability for these cool rings.

When black zirconium rings did first enter the scene, they were mainly made for men.

They originally had cool but simple and plain designs.

However, these days this has changed as more artistic designs have been produced.

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The bottom line: Should you buy a black zirconium wedding ring?


Round glasses, big glasses, mirrory glasses: trends come and go.

While today black rings are on the rise, yet no one can guarantee an infinite trend.

Gold and silver rings have always been fashionable, being the top two precious metals.

These are classic choices with a very long history.

However, a new pack of alternative metals have come to the scene with different characteristics.

Ring metals like tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome, titanium, palladium and platinum are gaining market share from the traditional two metals.

While they are enjoying increasing popularity, they lack the natural dark color of black zirconium.

It does not need polish, there is no coating: it is simply black.

Plated rings may lose their coating, and the inner core may see day light.

Thankfully, black zirconium wedding bands do not have this issue.

Black zirconium rings are hypoallergenic, like they should be.

Thus, it is very unlikely to have any metal allergies due to your ring.

They are very hard and durable and scratch resistant like 316L stainless steel.

Black zirconium rings are also very lightweight so you don’t feel like working for the ring!

As it is not a precious metal, you can find quite affordable designs without breaking the wedding budget.

Finally, when it comes to maintenance, you have little to worry because wiping with a soft cloth, and warm soapy water will be enough for cleaning.

On the downside, the only significant con of black zirconium is the difficulty in resizing.

As it is very hard and durable, such an operation is arduous and expensive.

Even so, this can only be realized if your finger size does change.

You won’t even consider it, if your finger stays the same.

The pros of black zirconium rings clearly dominate its cons.

So, if you are looking for a black wedding ring, you should seriously consider black zirconium rings.