Black Zirconium Rings Pros and Cons

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If you want a lightweight, cool black ring, then you should definitely consider, black zirconium rings.

They have many pros such as being hypoallergenic and highly durable.

On the other side, they are not the easiest rings to resize, and you shouldn’t expect a variety of colors.

Despite these cons, black zirconium rings are gaining popularity.


Pros of Black Zirconium Rings

1. It is hypoallergenic

If you have sensitive skin, you should always play it safe and go for hypoallergenic metals.

Always avoid the main culprit for allergies: nickel and alloys including it.

Black zirconium is one of the hypoallergenic metals, which is very unlikely to cause any itchiness or red skin.


2. Low price tag

Zirconium is not an expensive metal.

This means you can enrich your jewelry collection at low cost.

While you can find very expensive limited-edition designer pieces, you can easily find much cheaper alternatives that fit your budget.


3. Black zirconium is extremely strong

If durability is something you look for in a ring, these rings should get attention.

Black zirconium is produced by exposing the zirconium to high heat, which turns it black due to oxidation.

This also makes it very tough.

Black zirconium is a durable, tough metal that is not brittle like rhodium or soft like silver.


4. Same color forever

Rhodium plated white gold may lose its plating and change color.

Sterling silver jewelry is unable to keep its initial look as it will tarnish.

Unlike these, a black zirconium ring will never fade or lose its color.

Same cool dark color, every time you wear it!


5. Plenty of designs for both men and women

A black zirconium ring can be purchased for both men and women.

They come in many popular designs that anyone would wear joyfully.

You can get matching sets of zirconium rings for marriage or any gifting purpose to a couple.

You can buy a single ring for your friend’s birthday or other event.

Black zirconium rings fit many occasions.


6. Zirconium rings are very lightweight

Yet another great pro of a zirconium ring is, its lightweight.

This makes it easy to wear.

It won’t hurt your fingers like some other rings.

There is a huge difference when compared to tungsten rings, for example.


7. Black Zirconium rings don’t have to be plated

Zirconium has a silvery color. However, after treatment high heat, it turns black.

This is cool black color is very appealing.

If you want a black color piece with other metals, it may demand a plating operation to achieve that color.

Then, those metals might still tend to fade and their color eventually wears off.

Black zirconium rings are immune from this.


8. Demands little maintenance

Sterling silver jewelry demands special care to keep its initial luster every time you wear it.

It is soft and doesn’t go well with though jobs. You must avoid physical work.

It will also tarnish, and you’ll have clean and polish it.

Unlike 925 silver, black zirconium rings are quite simple to maintain.

All you have to do is clean them with warm and soapy water and a clean cloth.

They don’t have to be polished to maintain their original appearance permanently.


Cons for black zirconium rings

1. Very hard to resize

Everyone looses and gains weight.

This weight change may also cause differences in finger sizes.

However, since zirconium is so hard, it is nearly impossible to resize it.

Even if you find a jeweler to accept the challenge, it would be very expensive.


2. Some consider them to be dull and simple

When black zirconium rings did first enter the scene, they were mainly made for men.

They originally had cool but simple and plain designs.

However, these days this has changed as more artistic designs have been produced.

There is no shortage of designs with a variety of gemstones.


3. Nothing trends forever

Round glasses, big glasses, mirrory glasses: trends come and go.

While today black rings are trendy, no one guarantees their lifetime is infinite.

Gold and silver rings have always considered fashionable, being the top two precious metals, that is very logical.

Nevertheless, zirconium rings are popular now, yet they can go out of style tomorrow.

This means they may lose value, unlike gold rings for instance.