Cobalt rings

Cobalt Rings Pros and Cons [2020 Updated]

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Cobalt rings

Cobalt offers a different flavor in wedding rings.

The pros of cobalt rings are lightweight, scratch resistance, price, hypoallergenic, easy maintenance and a beautiful shiny look.

The cons of cobalt wedding bands are difficult to resize, not a precious metal and hard to engrave.

What is Cobalt?
Cobalt is a transition metal with atomic number 27 on the periodic table. Its symbol is Co.

Its name is derived from the word “kobald” from German, which means goblin or evil spirit.

Because of this superstition, they was a reluctance to mine it.

Although utilized in jewelry, it cannot be used in its pure form.

It has to be combined with other metals like chromium or tungsten to become a good jewelry alloy.

Let’s look at the advantages and the disadvantages of cobalt rings!

The Pros of Cobalt Rings

1. Lightweight

Some rings are too heavy to carry even on two fingers!

They disturb you and give head aches.

A cobalt chrome ring won’t cause any discomfort since it is light.

It is made from a light metal, which gives comfort and doesn’t make you want to throw your ring away.

2. Scratch Resistance

Wearing a shiny ring is all fun and games until you notice that scratch on it.

Moreover, you don’t wonder how and when it got there.

If you want to wear your ring all day without thinking about whether it will get scratched, cobalt is good choice.

Cobalt chrome rings are scratch-resistant like stainless steel, so you can have an easy time with fewer worries!

3. Price

One of the main reasons why cobalt wedding bands are gaining more love is their affordability.

It is one of the biggest advantages of cobalt pieces, especially in these times where there are no shortage of expenses!

Of course, it isn’t the cheapest one on the market, as it still exceeds tungsten and titanium in price.

Even so, if you want something that costs less than white gold, you can always try cobalt.

4. Hypoallergenic

Some metals don’t play nicely with sensitive skin.

They cause allergenic reactions like itching and color change.

Nickel is often the one to blame for these allergies.

And many metal alloys may include nickel even in very small parts.

This is why you should choose jewelry made of hypoallergenic metals.

Thankfully, cobalt is an hypoallergenic metal.

It is safe to wear.

5. Little maintenance

If you don’t want to spend too much time maintaining your ring, don’t worry – cobalt chrome rings don’t require a lot of work.

Minimal time is required every now and then for daily wear.

But this will rarely meet the care spent for gold or other types of rings.

Basically, you will need to make sure the ring is kept away from other jewelry pieces so it doesn’t get scratched by harder pieces like a diamond ring.

After all, it is not scratch proof, just scratch resistant.

6. Beautiful shiny look

Cobalt has a very nice white shine to it.

In fact, it is quite similar to white gold or platinum.

It is reflective, and will look amazing on your ring.

In addition, there is no need for re-plating your cobalt chrome ring: it will maintain its luster.

This is a great benefit that you wouldn’t have with rhodium plated white gold.

Many times white gold rings get a rhodium plating.

This is a thin layer of rhodium which protects the inner metal and gives an uniform look.

Cobalt chrome bands do not need such coating.

Getting the same beauty for a smaller price is always a plus.

Apart from silvery white gold type cobalt chrome rings, there also black cobalt rings.

These offer a distinct exquisite look.If you fancy black cobalt rings, make sure they are made from blackened cobalt not any plating.

If so, the outer black layer may wear off with time and the inner color will see day light.

Choose black cobalt rings made from fully blackened cobalt.

The Cons of Cobalt Rings

Cobalt wedding rings have a few disadvantages too.

One of them is a lower variety of designs to choose from.

You will have fewer design options than, say sterling silver rings.

Yet, you only want one, the one you love!

And, cobalt chrome rings offer different and attractive finishings.

You can choose between inlay, wood grain, matte-finished, satin-finished more.

1. Difficult Resizing

Cobalt is a very strong metal, which makes resizing a tough and costly process.

Your ring finger size may change with age and the rings may not fit as day one.

Going a size up or down for a cobalt chrome ring is not impossible.

However, it will require additional effort than a sterling silver or gold ring.

Not to mention that many jewelers may even refuse the job, as the process is too much to handle.

2. Non-precious metal

In case you’re focused on getting something with intrinsic value, then you should know that cobalt -and chrome- is not a precious metal.

While platinum, gold, and silver are precious metals, cobalt does not belong to this group.

A cobalt piece may not be the best choice if you want something that will maintain or even increase its value over time.

3. Engraving is not easy

Although possible, engraving cobalt wedding rings should only be done through laser machines and not traditional methods.

This is a con which comes with durability and hardness.

These properties that make cobalt chrome wedding rings scratch resistance makes it getting engravings harder.

The Bottom Line

Cobalt can be a good choice if you are looking for an alternative to a palladium, platinum or white gold ring.

Traditional metals used for rings like gold and silver may be much for the wedding budget.

Cobalt chrome rings get attention thanks to their silvery white look at an affordable price.

However, they offer much more.

Cobalt chrome rings are scratch resistant like you want them to be.

They are strong and durable.

Your chrome cobalt ring won’t break or shatter yet it will be difficult to resize.

This is desirable as having less worries about scratches is a very big plus.

Moreover, you may simply choose to not solve problems you don’t have!

If your ring finger never changes size, why should even think of resizing your cobalt chrome wedding band?

If you want to stay away from allergic reactions because of your sensitive skin, a cobalt chrome ring is a good choice.

Cobalt is hypoallergenic!

This means that if you do not have metal sensitivities specifically to cobalt or chrome, you’ll be a happy camper!

When you add lightweight and little maintenance demand, a cobalt chrome ring becomes a serious contender for your ring finger with beautiful high luster at an affordable price.

The pros of cobalt chrome rings outweigh their cons, thus the question is which one do you love the most?