damascus steel rings

Damascus Steel Rings Pros and Cons [2020 Updated]

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damascus steel rings

Precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver are widely used in wedding rings and wedding bands.

But there is a building interest in less expensive alternatives of high quality.

Damascus steel is one such metal that is gaining popularity, especially for bridal rings.

  • But, what is Damascus steel?
  • What are the pros and cons of Damascus steel rings?
  • Should you consider damascus rings for your wedding band?

What is Damascus Steel?

This steel was used for centuries in the East for swords.

The metal alloy takes its name from Damascus, the capital of modern day Syria.

But the steel does not come from the Levant region: it comes from India.

Then why is it names after Damascus?

The name comes from this city because the crusaders first saw it there.

The signature of Damascus steel is its natural patterns.

These form gorgeous water flow and tree ring like shapes.

And in our day, Damascus steel is reborn as a jewelry metal.

Pros of Damascus Steel Rings


Damascus steel is not a precious metal.

It is much cheaper than gold or silver.

Thus, it will cost much less than golden one as an engagement ring to wear every day.

It is a good choice for brides and grooms who prefer not spending the budget on rings.

Durability and Strength

Damascus steel has attractive tensile testing results.

Tensile testing is a method used to find the behavior of materials under various tension levels and types.

Thanks to gradually applied forces, we can learn the strength and the length it can be stretched before breaking down.

These methods are used to find yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, ductility, strain hardening and other tensile properties.

The durability and strength of the Damascus steel is very high.

Naturally, that is what you would expect from a metal used for swords!

It is also highly resistant to scratches like you want it to be.

Damascus rings outperform white gold or sterling silver rings in this regard.

Damacus steel patterns
Damacus steel patterns


You may not think of steel as being inherently beautiful, but Damascus steel certainly is exceptional.

The ripple patterns bring an unique aesthetics appearance like no other.

These natural inlays are will be there forever.

These may be in flowing water and asymmetrical patterns like tree rings and wood grain.

These are not hand paintings but natural figures offering a long lasting native look.

As the stunning surface patterns are all natural, you can be sure that your Damascus steel wedding ring is unique!

Rust Resistance

While ordinary steel is subject to oxidation, Damascus steel includes carbon from charcoal which helps preventing rust and corrosion.

However, beware of low quality steel used in Damascus steel production.

Choose high quality steel types, like 316L surgical steel, for wedding and engagement rings to avoid any undesirable result.


Metals may cause skin allergies such as itchiness and red skin.

But, there is a group of safe metals: hypoallergenic metals.

Hypoallergenic metals are highly unlikely to cause any metal allergies.

Although, we must note that there can not be given any guarantee as allergy depends on the sensitivity of the person.

Nevertheless, opting for hypoallergenic metals is a sensible move.

Damascus steel will not cause any allergic reaction to the skin for most people.

Make sure the steel does not contain any nickel which may induce allergies and irritations.

Check with the jeweler to ensure that the Damascus steel is nickel free.

We have seen many pros of Damascus steel which makes it highly desirable but, it is not a rose without thorns.

Cons of Damascus Steel Rings

While there is no doubt on the benefits of Damascus steel, there is one solid downside to purchasing a Damascus steel wedding ring.

Damascus steel is hard to resize

The very hardness that makes it strong and durable also makes Damascus steel difficult to resize.

One advantage of softer materials such as gold or silver is that, over time as the finger changes sizes, it is easy to resize to make it fit properly again.

The same is not true for Damascus rings.

This means that if the finger changes size, resizing the ring is going to be far more expensive, if even possible.

Not Available Everywhere

Another minor con may be the difficulty to find Damascus steel rings that pleases you.

Damascus steel wedding rings may not be available at your favorite jeweler.

So, shopping online can be quicker solution or you might need to make visits to many retailers.

Should You Consider Damascus Steel Wedding Rings?

The pros of Damascus steel are appealing and significant.

On the other side, the cons of Damascus steel rings have relatively minor importance.

If you want a ring that has inherent uniqueness and longevity, you should consider handmade Damascus steel rings.

They show unique striking patterns which other rings can only carry with external manipulation.

Damascus rings are ideal for daily wear.

They are very durable and scratch resistant: just as you wished them to be.

Keep it away from chlorine, and your Damascus ring will serve you a very long time.

It is true that they are very hard to resize, but that what comes with high durability.

Moreover, you’ll do little maintenance to clean your Damascus ring.

A soft cloth to wipe away accumulated dirt from time to time will suffice to keep its gorgeous look.

You’ll also save by buying a Damascus steel ring instead of a more expensive gold ring.

The verdict is pros of Damascus steel ring clearly outweigth its cons.

If you find your dream design, just make sure it is nickel free.

Pick high quality steel and enjoy your showy Damascus steel jewelry!

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Related Questions

1. Can Damascus steel rings be resized?

Damascus steel is a extremely durable and strong steel alloy.

It is difficult to resize.

Resizing a damascus ring is not as easy as resizing a rose gold ring, for example.

Assuming you can find a jeweler who will accept the task, it will not be easy and have a big price tag.

Rings made from gold or silver are much easier to resize.

2. Does Damascus steel tarnish? Does Damascus steel rings rust?

Damascus steel made from quality steel alloys does not tarnish.

There are special steel alloys like 316L type steel used to make surgery equipment.

If your Damascus steel ring is made from high quality steel like 316L, your Damascus ring will not rust or tarnish.

3. Is Damascus steel durable?

Damascus steel is a very durable material.

It is well known for its strength and toughness.

It was used by sword smiths for centuries in the East.

A Damascus steel wedding ring will be a long lasting symbol of marriage.

4. Damascus steel vs tungsten rings: what are the similarities?

Tungsten is very hard to resize, just like Damascus steel.

Tungsten gets a 9 on the Mohs Scale which is very high rating.

They are both hypoallergenic.

5. Damascus steel vs stainless steel rings: what are the differences?

While both Damascus and stainless steel share qualities of steel, only Damascus steel has the unique patterns.

These are all natural patterns that stainless steel can have after paint or carving.

Check this post on stainless steel pros and cons for more on this steel alloy.