What are Swarovski Crystals Made of?

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Swarovski crystals are produced by the Austrain company Swarovski AG.

The company keeps the production process secret.

Yet we know that the materials include quartz sand and minerals.

The final crystals also contain lead, which adds shine to the crystals.


Are Swarovski crystals real diamonds?

Swarovski crystals are not diamonds.

They are completely different materials.

Diamond is naturally forming gemstone.

It is a precious stone that can also be produced artificially.

On the other hands, Swarovski crystals are all man-made.

These two have different structures.


Why are Swarovski crystals so expensive?

Swarovski crystals are patented products by one single company.

Their propriety process is kept as a secret.

Furthermore, they use high-quality materials that elevate the cost.


Where are Swarovski crystals from?

Swarovski crystals are artificial stones that are produced by an Austrian corporation.


What is better Swarovski crystal or cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia has a 8 to 8,5 rating on the Mohs scale.

This shows that CZ is harder than Swarovski crystals, which have a hardness of 6-7.

Thus, cubic zirconia is more resistant to scratches than Swarovski crystals.


Do Swarovski crystals fade?

Swarovski crystals may fade as the surface accumulates scratches.

Swarovski crystals have a Mohs rating of 6 to 7 which means they are the toughest pieces around.

To give an idea, white sapphire, moissanite and diamond have ratings of 9, 9.25 and 10 respectively.


How can you tell real Swarovski crystals?

1. Swarovski laser logo

When shopping for a Swarovski crystal product, be sure to look out for an engraved Swarovski logo on the crystal.

This facilitates differentiation of an original product from a fake one.

What is the Swarovski logo? It is a swan with “SWAROVSKI”, boldly written underneath.

2. Swarovski crystals shine brilliantly

The authentic Swarovski crystals shine brighter and more brilliantly than an imitation crystal.

3. Swarovski crystals are indistinguishable

Every Swarovski crystal has the same structure. For example, every piece on a necklace is identical in size because they are precision-cut crystals.

On the other side, gemstones may have incarnated impurities due to different elements underground.

Another problem with gemstones is that they may have slight variations in size, in contrary to Swarovski crystals.

4. Swarovski crystals are available at authorized retailers.

In order to avoid purchasing an imitation, buying only from approved retailers is a good precaution.

This way, you will have a guarantee and assurance that you are purchasing genuine Swarovski crystals.

5. Swarovski crystals are bubble-free

The Swarovski crystals do not have bubbles inside them.

In fact, they are pure. Any crystal with bubbles inside it is definitely not from Swarovski.

6. Swarovski crystals are available in the exactly identicle colors.

Every color is the same with Swarovski crystals.

There are no shades or light parts in the crystal.

For example, if you are purchasing a red crystal, all the crystals are exactly the same.

Any odd color may not be from Swarovski.

The same applies to all the other colors.

On the other side, for example, had you been buying citrines, you should notice tints in the yellow color due to pressure differences and interaction with other elements in time of formation.


How to care for your Swarovski crystal jewelry?

Taking care of your Swarovski crystal jewelry is not so difficult.

In fact, it is not different from the way you take care of every other jewelry piece.

Here are the tips you should follow:

Avoid exposing it to chemicals such as makeup, perfume, detergent and so on.

Your Swarovski jewelry should be the last item you wear on before going out.

Always ensure that you do not bath and/or go swimming with your jewelry on.

That is, basically avoid immersing it in water, although you can use water and a soft cloth to clean your jewelry.

You can equally make use of mild soap for its cleaning.

In addition, never keep your jewelry altogether in box where they can scratch each other.

Always keep it safely in a soft bag or its original package in order to prevent it from scratching or loosening the crystals.

This way, you will not only prevent damage from other watches and jewelry but also eliminate harm from being exposed to light and chemical agents in the air.