best solution for ultrasonic cleaner

Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Solution

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best solution for ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are wonderful machines.

They clean your pieces effortlessly in minutes.

No brush, no wipe necessary for your gold diamond ring to shine like the first day.

All you have to do is fill the stainless steel tank with a liquid and choose the program.

That liquid can be water or a special solution for ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Many owners use their devices with tap water.

It works fine.

You can even get better results by using hot water(not boiling) and adding few drops of mild dish soap.

Heat and the cleaning agents will help separating dirt, oil and grime.

Thus, You don’t have to buy a commercial solution for your cleaner.

However, you may prefer to buy a solution for a better experience.

Below, you will find our selection of best solution for ultrasonic jewelry cleaners with links to their pages on Amazon.

Three of them are concentrates, which come in bottles as expected.

You’ll have to mix these with regular water, with the right ratio.

The second one is different: it comes in already measured content packs.

If you don’t want think about mixing correct volumes of concentrate and water, this one might be better for you.


1. Blitz Gem & Jewelry Non-Toxic Cleaner Concentrate for use in Cleaning Machines

Blitz’s concentrate is engineered to be mixed with water and fill all ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

You can use this mix to fill your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and also use it with a toothbrush or soft cloth to clean your jewelry by hand.

This solution can be used to clean gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, garnet, peridot and other non-porous precious and semi-precious gem jewelry.

It is scent free has no ammonia in the formula.

It is non toxic and can be used in all ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

You can purchase one bottle, a two bottles set or a bigger 1-gallon bottle.

The two bottle set comes in two 8 oz / 236 ml volumes, which is probably going to cost less per bottle than buying just one. But check prices to make sure.

How to use the Blitz Concentrate?

You should never try to use the concentrate directly without mixing with water.

Always create a mixture with regular tap water and then proceed with ultrasonic cleaning.

The recommended ratios are 1 volume of Blitz Concentrate and 5 volumes of water.

For example, take your ultrasonic cleaner and pour 4 caps of full concentrate (1 oz / 29.5 ml) next add 5 oz / 147.5 ml of water to it.

Then you can immerse your jewelry with the plastic basket into the stainless steel tank.

The producer advises no more than 3 minutes of cleaning.

After cleaning, rinse your pieces under clean water.

Then dry them completely with a soft cloth.

If necessary, you may repeat the steps.

As said above, you should not use this concentrate for soft or organic materials.

For soft and porous stones, you can use Blitz’s Delicate Gem & Pearl Cleaner.

It has been formulated for emerald, ivory, onyx, opal, pearl, turquoise, lapis lazuli, coral, malachite and other porous precious and semi-precious gem jewelry.

You can check it on Amazon by clicking here.

2. Gemoro Sparkle Pak Plus, Single Dose Ultimate Jewelry Cleaner for 1 to 1.5-Pint Ultrasonic Cleaners

Gemoro is a prolific company with a series of ultrasonic cleaners.

They also have an answer for those looking for a better solution than tap water.

All other 3 products are concentrates, which should be measured first and then mixed with water to use in a cleaner.

This one is different.

Gemoro has produced small packets to use in every cleaning session.

These single-use packets contain enough cleaner material for 1 to 1.5 pint of volume of liquid.

That is 473 to 700 ml.

In practice, that covers most ultrasonic jewelry cleaners for home use, as they have about 20 oz / 600 ml volume tanks.

These will occupy less space and are very easy to use.

You don’t have to think or measure how much should you use.

Take your 600 ml volume ultrasonic cleaner fill it with water and open the packet and pour it in the tank.

There is no waste and no mess.

It is a no-brainer to use in ultrasonic cleaners of all brands.

Gemoro Sparkle Pak Plus is non-ammoniated and non toxic.

Last but not the least, it won’t spill over if you forget to close the bottle cap tightly!


3. iSonic Ultrasonic Jewelry/Eye Wear Cleaning Solution Concentrate

iSonic is a well know manufacturer of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

They have many models ranging from smaller ones for home use to heavy-duty cleaners for industrial needs.

iSonic also offers different concentrates for use in all ultrasonic cleaning machines.


This CSGJ01 concentrate will help you make your jewelry shine like new and remove smudges and finger prints from your eyewear.

You can use this concentrate with your ultrasonic machine, no matter the brand.

They formulated this concentrate for jewelry, eyeglasses, sunglasses, watches, general cleaning.

How to use the concentrate?

First, you should never use it without diluting with water.

The ratio range for mixture is 1:20 to 1:140.

The recommended ratio for jewelry is, pouring 1 capful of concentrate to a tank of water for popular ultrasonic cleaners, which is about 1 pt of water or 16 oz / 473 ml.


4. Connoisseurs Purpose Concentrate Jewelry Cleaner

Connoisseurs is a well-known brand in jewelry care.

They have many products for different purposes such as dips, cleaners, wipes, sticks and even organizer for jewelry.

This 8 oz concentrate is made for ultrasonic cleaners of all brands.

Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner can help you clean gold, diamonds and other precious items.

As said for the previous concentrate, you should only use this after mixing with water.

How to use Connoisseurs Purpose Concentrate Jewelry Cleaner?

Pour the concentrate about 1/8-inch height.

Then add water until the maximum water level.

5. Hagerty 6-Ounce Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate

Hagerty’s Concentrate for ultrasonic machines comes in a 6 oz bottle.

You can create 36 oz of solution with this single bottle.

The recommended ratio of mixture with is 1 to 5.

Thus, one volume of concentrate would be mixed with five volumes of water.

You can use this concentrate with all ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to get very satisfactory results.

In this post, we had a look at the best solutions for ultrasonic cleaners.

If you are looking to buy a new cleaner, make sure to read our top 10 best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner review post to make the right decision faster!