black spinel

Black Spinel Gemstone

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black spinel

The Black Spinel gemstone is one rare stone used in jewelry.

Although it has black in its name, it comes in many colors: from red to purple to yellowy colors.

It is not brittle: it is enough hard to make into many designs, which carry its sparkle.

Let’s get to know this gemstone a bit better.

The Composition of Black Spinel Gemstone

This gemstone is actually magnesium oxide or magnesium aluminum oxide.

When it comes to the Mohs hardness rating, it is has an eight.

It mostly occurs as water-worn pebbles and octahedral crystal formations.

It is found in many countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, USA, Tanzania, Tadzhikistan, Nigeria, Madagascar, Brazil, Nepal, Australia, and Afganistan.

Despite the name, black spinel gemstone is not always black.

It is also available in colors like rich reds, pinks, purples, light to dark-blue tones, and amber and yellow hues.

This leads people confusing it with rubies and sapphires.

One should also pay attention not to mistake a black onyx for a black spinel, too.



What does black spinel mean? What is it origin?

The gemstone has quite a weird name… at first.

The word Spinel may come from the Latin word “Spinella”, which means little thorn.

Why would a gemstone be named something like a thorn?

One way to justify it would be that the black spinel gemstone is quite sharp- at the very beginning of its formation.

Maybe that is why whoever worked with this stone decided to name it a spinel.

Another origin can be the Greek word “Spinos” which means “sparkle”.

This is easier to understand as the black spinel gemstone is highly reflective.

Thus, it sparkles a lot.

black spinel close-up

Black Spinel Gemstone: Easy to shape

Thanks to its high level of hardness, the black spinel gemstone is easy to cut and shape.

That is why you will find many beautiful designs carrying spinel’s shine.

Black Spinel Gemstone: The Effect it may have

Saying goes, black spinel gemstones are capable of helping people.

The most common is help at dealing with challenges to find peace and growth.

Apparently, the sharpness of the jewel makes you cut through obstacles and reach your goals.

Another thing this gemstone is good at is adapting to your feelings of sadness then helping you cope and find inner peace.

As a result, it is a good stone to meditate with, as it brings a certain level of calmness to you.

It is best to keep the stone in contact with your skin wherever you wear it.

How do you care and clean black spinel?

It is always a good idea to not wear precious jewelry pieces while doing hard work or outdoor activities.

The same goes for black spinel jewelry.

Cleaning black spinel pieces is easy: soap, water and soft cloth will get the job done.

After cleaning your jewelry, make sure to rinse and dry it to avoid any residues and water marks.

Ultrasonic and steam jewelry cleaners are very helpful in many cases but for black spinel jewelry you should not use them.

Is black spinel valuable?

While the gemstone is rare, it is not the most valuable.

Today, we have man-made spinel stones at our service.

You will find it quite affordable compared to rubies and other stones.

If you are looking for a black stone jewelry, check black spinel pieces.

It will give the look and maybe even help you overcome hurdles of life.