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What are the Differences Between Black Sapphire and Black Diamond?

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black diamondYou want to buy a new pair of earring or maybe a wedding ring.

One color clearly stands out: black gemstones.

Two exquisite members of this group are black sapphire and black diamond.

These two gems, share the same color and can get confused for one another.

Let’s have a closer look at this black sapphire vs black diamond comparison.

What are black sapphire and black diamond?

First, you may think black sapphire is just a dark blue sapphire.

That is not the case.

Black sapphire is truly black.

It may get mistaken for dark blue sapphires, or black onyx, which is a softer gemstone.

Black onyx is a variety of silicate mineral chalcedony.

It has white, red and brown colored varieties other than black onyx which sometimes gets confused for black sapphire stones.

Black sapphire owes it unique color to the impurities in its crystal structure.

Is black sapphire expensive?

Although it is rarely found, it carries an affordable price tag in dollars, less than the price of blue sapphire.

Blue sapphires top the price list thanks to strong demand.

Black sapphires are less in demand.

Nevertheless, the gemstone price is not the determinant for the sales price of a black sapphire jewelry piece.

A black sapphire engagement ring or wedding band will be priced according to the materials used, its brand, designer and the nature of the collection.

Is black sapphire the same as black star sapphire?

Although they are both black and carry sapphire in their names, these are different gemstones.

Black star sapphire belongs to the group of star sapphires.

These stones have a distinct reflective property: they reflect light in a star shape.

They get special attention for this distinction.

These are very rarely found.

When rarity faces strong demand, there is a price hike.

Thus black star sapphire receives a significantly higher price tag than black sapphire.

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Is black diamond really ‘black’?

Diamonds are not always colorless or yellowish.

There are black colored diamonds too.

It is not a myth.

Black diamonds share the same chemical structure as classic diamonds.

They both have a crystalline structure of carbon atoms.

Their color difference comes from the random inclusion of graphite in black diamond’s structure.

Their cool look brings them a special attention on a wedding ring, earring or wedding band.

There are many designers who include black diamond in their collections for weddings.

Do black diamonds sparkle?

Black diamonds do not sparkle like colorless diamonds because they have many inclusions.

They owe their cool color to these inclusions.

However, they reflect light in many ways thanks to their facets which have different cutting angles.

As a result of their black color and these reflections, they gain a distinct cool look.

Are black diamonds expensive?

There are different types of black diamonds.

There are naturally found gemstones, heat treated and lab created black diamonds.

And of course, price varies accordingly.

Untreated black diamonds which have a fancy black color, gain this look thanks to impurities in their crystal formation.

This is not a widely observed case: black diamonds are rarely found in nature.

And when they are, their color may not be uniform across the stone.

The second group of heat treated diamonds are sourced from low quality diamonds.

These are real diamonds but generally their colors are in low demand, or they do have uneven inclusions.

Thus they are chosen to be made black diamonds.

Their journey to black continues with heat treatment.

They gain a uniform fancy opaque color after the heating process.

These are the lowest priced ones.

The last group which is lab created diamonds are produced in controlled environments to achieve the desired size, shape and color.

Their production time and amounts are all controlled for aimed results.

Black diamond is harder than black sapphire

Black diamond tops the Mohs scale with a 10 grade.

Sapphire sits below with a rating of 9.

You can choose either of them with confidence because they are both very durable.

There is a low probability that you’ll encounter a solid object which can scratch them.

In the end, although there are both hard gems, diamond, of course, is harder.

Black diamonds’ price varies significantly depending on their size, shape and origin.

As explained above, there are naturally formed, heat treated and lab-made diamonds.

Beware that a heat-treated natural diamond can be presented as “natural diamond” too.

Without doubt, there is a difference between a untreated black diamond and a treated diamond, which has been made into a full black diamond.

Bigger the size, higher the price: so as diamond’s carat increases, the price will increase with it.

The Verdict: Black Sapphire or Black Diamond, which one should you buy?

To end with, your final decision will factor in many criteria.

Shape, cut, carat, color of the gemstone is a good starting point but there are more to consider for the price of a jewelry.

Base metal and ornaments are important and can change the price considerably.

Think about a gold-plated and a gold vermeil rings both with the same gem.

The gold plated one will include a cheaper alloy inside, while in the vermeil ring, silver is coated with gold.

The latter will command a higher price because of this clear difference.

Lastly, the brand and designer will affect the price.

A renowned designer’s collection will have higher price tags.

The brand position and collection will command a premium too.

If the collection is a limited or special edition, we should expect the pieces to be more pricey than usual.

Where can you buy black sapphire and black diamond jewelry?

You can check black sapphire and black diamond jewelry pieces on Amazon.