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Popular Charm Meanings

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The charm on your necklace is like the cherry on top of the cake.

You know the cake is delicious as much as your necklace is beautiful.

Yet, you know it will look much better with it.

It is the final touch that makes it perfect, and, meaningful.

Check this post for the meanings of popular charms!

1. Four leaf clover
2. Star
3. Evil eye
4. Elephant
5. Hamsa
6. Eagle
7. Key
8. The Tree of Life
9. North star
10. Flower
11. Heart

four leaf clover

1. Four Leaf Clover

Everything has a standard.

Cars have four wheels.

Pens are narrow and long.

At times, there are irregularities that vary from this expectations.

Some fall short; some exceed.

The case of a four-leaf clover belongs to the latter.

Clovers usually have three leaves.

Rarely, a four-leaf clover comes into sight beating the average in numbers.

This extra leaf is taken as being blessed with good luck.

That is the reason why four leaf clovers are considered as good-luck charms.

Some believe that, although not immediately; you may notice things working out in your favor once you have four leaf clover jewelry in possession.

Apart from that, you can find five-leaf clovers too, but they are very very rare.

The four-leaf clover also does justice to symmetry: it is a pretty thing to look at.

There are beautiful references to four-leaf clovers in literature, poetry and painting.

star charm

2. Star

The star charm’s rich meaning is depicted by both human and physical stars.

There is a certain group of people we call stars.

They are prime performers on stage.

Be it, music, comedy or acting, they overshine others.

When they sing everyone listens.

When performing on stand-up, they sell the highest tickets.

In theatres and cinemas, their pieces and movies top the charts.

Meaning of this charm is in line with these qualities.

When we look at the physical starts, they were -and are- used for finding direction and navigation. They are the natural GPS service.

Thus the guidance symbolism of the star charm becomes apparent.

Stars have also been a target, a final destination people wanted to reach.

Looking so little but from very far away, stars have been impossible to reach for centuries.

This aspect of stars generates ambition, success, and dream meanings for the star charm.

You can carry this charm to remind yourself and others of your being, ways and goals.

You can take this charm as guidance to self-development and self-actualization

evil eye

3. Evil Eye


Evil eyes and Turkish delights are the classical gifts from a holiday in Turkey.

Nevertheless, evil eye charms are common in all the Middle East.

As humans, we are prone to feeling jealous even when we do not intend to.

The good fortunes, important possessions and success of others may cause negative feelings in humans.

Moreover, there might be people who have a clear tendency towards jealousy.

This negativity may cause bad mouthing and black-hearted actes in many ways.

Energy flows and this negative energy must go somewhere.

In thoughts, words or actions, the energy will be realized.

Possibly, harm may come to the person who has been cast with an evil glance.

This evil eye that is casted towards people having something good, has the ability to cause bad to the nearest object to the person.

This is where the evil eye charm comes into play.

It acts as a protector against evil eyes and intentions by attracting the negative energy.

The evil eye has a specific color scheme.

The color must be blue for it to work.It acts as a distraction of bad intentions.

So, if you want to protect yourself from the evil intentions, this is your charm.

elephant charm

4. Elephant

Elephants are special animals.

They are majestic in size and highly intelligent.

The elephant charm represents something quite similar.

Visualize elephants: They are big, strong yet gentle.

They have enough strength and power to destroy everything in their way.

Yet, unless provoked, they are very calm and loving animals.

They do not use their power for deliberate destruction.

You probably heard of elephants saving people from lion attack.

This brings them respect.

All these add up to form the meaning of the elephant charm.

It stands for strength, honor, and responsibility.

Elephants take care of both their offspring and elders really well- never leaving them behind.

They have untainted love in them, unless disturbed.

When disturbed, they can give a quiet display of what they can do.

But they live with balance: thanks to their honorable way of exercising power, only when necessary, with intelligence as much as it is required.


5. Hamsa

A mysterious name for a mysterious symbol.

Hamsa means “five” or “hand.”

At first sight, it is a hand symbol.

Yet, it goes way back and has many meanings.

But, the message varies little: assurance, protection and good luck.

You may think Hamsa is a religious symbol but it is more a cultural symbol of a broad region.
It finds place in various religions with interesting back stories.

The people of many faiths value the Hamsa hand sign.

You may see this sign on walls or as home decor, as amulets or tattoos.

For example, in Buddhism, the sign represents fearlessness and peace.

It’s believed to stop all evil and adversities while transducing peace around.

In Hindusm, it has a broader meaning.

Each of the fingers in the hand represents the five senses of the body, the chakras, and their associated mudras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk”.

It has an important place in Hinduism and yoga.

It is believed that humans have 7 main chakras.

These are invisible energy pools, which drive our life.

Closed chakras diminish life qualities, thus they should be opened with mudras and other means.

Mudras  are common hand gestures, which help opening chakras.

They are used in combination with visualizations, breathing and other exercises to regulate a coherent energy flow in the body.
The hamsa symbol is perceived many times as a hand of a female figure.

In Muslim countries, it represents the hand of Fatima, who is the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter.

It represents strength, protection, and good luck.

In Christianity, it represents the hand of Mother Mary.

It works like a charm for fertility, protection and good luck.

In some versions, it may include an eye figure in the middle.

eagle charm

6. Eagle

Eagles fly high.

They can fly higher than other birds.

When combined with precise eyes, this gives them an advantage offering better and farther sight.

They see more. They see further.

This enables them to detect their prey easily and dive in from higher altitudes with speed.

As their target is focused on the lateral scene, it is caught off guard by eagle’s swift attack.

Eagles are also efficient hunters.

One hunt gives them with enough food for days.

They know where, when, what and how to attack.

One might even think they have read Sun Tzu’s Art of War – Every battle is won before it is ever fought.

They attack when they have the advantage.

They seek the right target.

They wait patiently for the true opportunity.

Eagles are aware of their power and potential.

These birds of prey are intelligent, strong, and result oriented.

These are what the eagle charm stands for: wisdom, power, efficiency, and self-awareness.
In addition, note that double headed eagle has been always the sign of armed forces and police as it symbolizes control, security and domination everywhere.

key charm

7. Key

A key is made to open something protected by a lock.

Something precious.

It can be a door to a sacred place.

It can be a chest where a treasure is stored.

And a key can also unlock someone’s heart.

A key that fits into just one lock and none other.

It can also represent a new page in one’s life.

An opening to a new era which was unknown, unseen and separated from the rest, the past life.

Holding a key brings also responsibility, only those who are selected and trusted can be given the key to an important lock.

Think of the gold and silver keys on the papal armorial symbolizing the keys to this world and the other.

Only important persons are gifted the symbolical golden keys to a city at important events.

Note that a key is only useful for the specific lock it opens.

Thus the holder must know -or find- the lock it belongs.

So, the key symbol can also stand for a quest to find a lock, a place where a possession will have its true function.

The key symbol embodies all these rich meanings.

The Tree of Life

8. The Tree of Life

The tree of life symbolism is seen in many cultures from Hinduism to Judaism; from South-East Asia to the shores of the Atlantic.

It is descriptively the tree in the garden of Eden.

This tree bears a fruit that can give eternal life.

Also, a tree itself may be seen as living forever through its seeds.

Every seed is the starting point of a new tree which can produce a similar seed.

And this will go and on.

Even if the initial tree cease to exist, it will live through the seeds and the trees they produced.

The tree of life is connected to immortality via this interpretation.

If living forever is within reach, there should be no worries for daily problems.

Humans can feel down against hurdles of life: sickness, accidents, relationship problems, even bad weather may affect our mood.

This charm reminds not to focus on the current problems.

It helps turning your eyes to the solution: the good and better outcomes out of events.
In sickness and other hurdles of life, it encourages you to look forward.

Think, if living through infinity is possible, why should you even worry about an illness?

If immortality is ascertained, you only have to worry about what you do and how you move forward.

And, you’d better give your best to create a legacy behind because you’re going to live with it for a very long time.

The tree of life symbolizes this knowledge.

north star

9. North star

North star helped ancient people find their way.

Be it at sea, on the road, in the forest, the North Star enlightened their journey.

They always turned their head to the skies to find their path.

They knew the North Star would help them, if only they could find it.

If they took another star by mistake, they would end at some wrong destination.

If they could not find it, they would get lost.

The charm means hope and search for “the truth”.

The North Star is the one true sign to follow for guidance.

That is exactly what the charm means: authentic guidance for the right direction in life.

flower jewelry

10. Flower

Flower represents love, beauty, good wishes, and romance.

Men send flowers to their lovers.

They are common birthday and mother’s day gifts.

Marathon winners and Olympic medalists are given flowers.

You can also see people congratulating others with flowers after significant achievements.

Often people send flowers for patients at hospitals.

Another meaning for the flower sign is growth.

A tiny seed will grow and give birth to a colorful flower.

With required care and ingredients, the seed will spread it roots and grow.

After then a beautiful flower is seen.

Yet, the gardener who planted the seed knew what the flower was beforehand.

The others had to wait to see and only then get to know the flower.

heart charm necklace

11. Heart

Love, passion, romance and guidance: these are the meanings of the heart symbol.

We “give our heart” to the one we love.

We are told, “listen to your heart” when in doubt about love and difficult choices.

Heart embodies the source and true guide for our lives.

In Proverbs 4:22, it is stated clearly: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Your heart has the power to see what your eyes can’t see and hear what your ears can’t hear.


“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It can perceive things your five senses fall short of.

It can help you differentiate between right and wrong, between light and dark.

It can help you find your way and avoid erroneous paths in life.

Never forget: we live our lives, not our charms.

We decide our actions.

We control our feelings.

We determine our thoughts.

Or we can.

If we leave ourselves to the flow of life without direction, it will blow us in every direction like a leaf in the wind.

Our charms are only beneficial to the extent; they help us achieve our goals in life.

And, as Earl Nightingale says: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”
If you are on your way to your target, you are successful.

Have you found your charm?