Morganite closeup

Is Morganite a Diamond?

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Morganite closeup


Engagement rings are the symbol of dreams that come true and will continue forever.

These special rings are the foremost place where precious stones show their shine.

When looking for gemstones of a ring, the first candidate which comes to mind is diamond.

Diamonds are beautiful and may be forever but that price tag…

Thankfully, diamonds are not alone and we have other choices.

There are many diamond substitutes and one of them is morganite.

Morganite is a beautiful stone which is used in all sorts of jewelry including engagement rings.

It shines wonderfully but there are much more to these gemstones.

Morganite in raw form
Morganite in raw form


1. What is Morganite?

The most well-known members of the Beryl family are aquamarine and emerald.

These are the birthstones for March and May, respectively.

The color difference is the result of impurities in the structure of crystals such as iron, chromium and other elements.

What are different colors of Morganite?

It generally has a “pinkish” color with approaches orange and purple at times.

This pink color is obtained thanks to the manganese ions inside its crystalline structure.

Thanks to its color, it goes very well with rose gold.

You can find a wide selection of rose gold jewelry with morganite.

If you are looking for a pink stone and cannot find an appropriate candidate, you may check sapphires or quartz’ of the same color.

What is the meaning of Morganite?

Morganite is named after a very famous American tycoon JP Morgan who was an avid stone collector.

Morganite vs Diamond ring

2. Morganite vs Diamond

Morganite vs Diamond side by side comparison
Morganite Diamond
Hardness 7.5 to 8 10
Density 2.71 to 2.90 3.5 to 3.53
Dispersion 0.014 0.044
Refractive Index 1.583 to 1.590 2.418

Diamond is harder than Morganite

Morganite is a hard gem, but of course diamond is rated 10 on the Mohs scale.

Morganite is less dense than diamond
Diamond has a higher density than morganite. To give an idea, we may say if we pick similar volume of gemstones, the diamond will be about 15% heavier than the morganite.

Diamond is more sparkling than morganite
As expected, diamond has a greater dispersion index which means it “splits” white light into colors better than pink colored morganite.

Again, diamond’s refractive index is higher than morganite’s refractive index; thus diamond is more brilliant than morganite.

Morganite faceted gem


3. Morganite vs Moissanite

Morganite vs Moissanite side by side comparison
Morganite Moissanite
Hardness 7.5 to 8 9.25
Density 2.71 to 2.90 3.21 to 3.22
Dispersion 0.014 0.104
Refractive Index 1.583 to 1.590 2.69

Moissanite is much harder than morganite. It follows closely diamond by hardness.

Moissanite is more dense than morganite. A same volume of moissanite would be about 10% heavier than morganite.

Moissanite offers a bigger, better “fire”
As expected, moissanite is much more successful in spreading light into different wavelengths than morganite stones.

Moissanite has a higher dispersion than even diamond!

Moissanite is also much brilliant than morganite, with its greater refractive index.


Morganite necklace
Morganite gemstone set in a halo of diamonds with a rose gold setting and chain.


4. How to Clean Morganite Jewelry

Morganite is a hard stone, but that does not mean you should not care about it.

Always keep your Morganite away from acids.

If possible, do not use any extra agents for cleaning.

Usually rubbing with a soft cloth will handle most dirt.

For more stubborn residues, a lukewarm soapy water will do the job.

Pour some soft soap into a small bowl and fill it with water.

Then, place your jewelry in the bowl and leave it rest for 2-3 minutes.

Pick your jewelry from the soapy water, and gently rub a soft cloth or toothbrush to get rid of the remaining dirt.

Finish the cleaning work by drying your jewelry.

Never forget, if you are unsure about other stones or metal used in your jewelry, consult your local jewelry store.

For example, in many cases soft stones like pearls may be negatively affected by cleaning agents and processes.

Never risk your jewelry and in doubt, making a short visit to your local jeweler will give you the peace of mind.